Mai Nguyen-Tabana

Senior Stylist + Educator

Haircutting has always been a part of Mai’s life, growing up spending time at her aunt’s salon. Mai attended City College for cosmetology and studied barbering. She loves shaping her clients’ hair to accentuate their very best features, creating a modern interpretation of their ideal style. Versatility is her best friend. Although she works with all hair types, she particularly favors wavy hair, which can support a curl set or be smoothed into a polished look with a fabulous blow dry. Mai finds inspiration everywhere: the history and cyclical nature of fundamental hair trends, color and shape, the wisdom of her bosses, and through her education of assistant stylists at Jet Rhys. She loves working with so many creative and forward-thinking people. Other specialties include hair extensions, weddings/glamour styling, keratin smoothing, and event/ bridal makeup.

Mai’s Haircuts are $100

“My client can trust me with their long locks, leaving with exactly what they asked for.”

Fun Fact: Mai speaks Vietnamese, Cambodian and English, collects shot glasses from all over the world, and once eloped to Bali to marry her now-husband.

Client Love

Mai is awesome - I’ve been going to her for years and she not only does a great job with my hair every time but is just a pleasure to talk to as well! She does a great job working with my quirky hair issues like some receding areas etc. and always makes me look great!
Harley O.
on 05/15/2018
Wonderful experience! I walked in off the street last minute with no appointment hoping to get a really good blowout for an upcoming event and having just worked out next door (sweaty, dirty, tangled long hair). They were able to accommodate me and paired me with Mai Nguyen-Tabana. She was perfect. Really thoughtful and conscientious in her approach to what I wanted. She delivered on my expectations and has a wonderful positive personality as well. Great experience and I highly recommend.
Veronica C.
on 03/20/2018
Jet Rhys is a professional hair salon in a hip, clean setting conveniently located on Coast Highway in Solana Beach. My hair stylist for years, Mai, reliably expertly cuts my hair way better than I can ever imagine each visit. I entrust her professional judgement to maintain my locks or recommend change over time. Mai is the best, and I will not go elsewhere. I highly recommend Jet Rhys Salon and hair stylist Mai!
Jackie C.
on 01/14/2018
I decided to get extensions because I have always dreamed of having longer/fuller hair. However, unfortunately with my hair type, I was never able to achieve that naturally. My hair is the type where it only really looks good/full at collar-bone length, anything longer than that it starts to look very wispy at the ends. Not to mention it takes what seems like an eternity for it to grow! After months of complaining, my colleague Mai recommended hair extensions, and it was the best decision yet. I went from collar-bone length hair to 20 inches of dreamy Rapunzel hair! Mai was awesome! She went through a full consultation with me about everything there is to know about extensions; how to maintain them, how to care for them, the proper shampoo and conditioner, styling, etc. She matched the color perfectly, and you can tell she really took her time in placement because it blends so beautifully, it actually looks like MY HAIR! I love my hair now more than ever. Thank you Mai!
Sharlene C.
on 11/22/2017
I have been going to this salon for over 16 years and they still are fresh. Jet and Rhys do a great job of mentoring and training their staff and keeping everyone up to date with the latest techniques and styles. Even when I'm overdue for a haircut, I still get compliments on my haircut and color. Also, when you spend money and time at a salon, you want to feel like the experience is a treat. The stylists at Jet Rhys understand this and do everything they can to make you feel pampered. I continue to recommend them to friends and feel confident when I do so. I know they will be treated well.
Ahren C.
on 10/24/2016
My hairdresser Mai & colorist Sarah are the best! I tell everyone I know about Jet Rhys. My 2 daughters are clients as well. Teenagers can be emotional about hair, but they love their haircuts from Mai.
Diana V.
on 04/03/2016
Have literally been going to this salon for decades. Yes, it dates me, but it should also say how dedicated I am to their staff and service. I started in Hillcrest shortly after Jet & Rhys opened their doors, and even though I have moved multiple times (now in LA) I still return to their newer salon in S.B. because I can count on the quality of their work and it is always FUN to visit this crew. Trisha, Quinn, Sam...all of them have transformed my locks from damaged, dingy, disaster to gorgeous and glowing. Honestly, I don't know how they have patience with I've had to go to other stylists while traveling or whatnot, and always have to return 'home' to get them to repair my 'hairs'. As with other reviewers, I have shared my good fortune at this salon with my family and now my mother, grandmother and even my father (props to Mai) attend regularly. Bless you JetRhys. xo.
Elizabeth H.
on 03/04/2015
A year ago, I had a highly traumatic hair experience which left me with brassy highlights and a hair cut which looked like the stylist grabbed all my hair at the crown, leaving me with only two inches on the top, shoulder length on the base. (Oh hey wait, she did ...) After going into a self imposed exile,nobody deserved to see that inverted mullet, I finally emerged and set about finding about a new salon. A I turned to yelp and found Jet Rhys. I saw Quinn for my color on my first visit. I told her what I wanted and got exactly what I asked for. I now see her every 8 weeks. If you need to go in for a haircut, I've several of them but I click the best with Mai. You honestly can not go wrong with this place, every one who works there. One time, because I was squirming when I was getting my hair washed, I got water on my clothes, Thankfully I'm not the wicked witch of the west and frankly after being under the heat lamp jetson looking device (very technical turn I know), the water was a welcome release however I found out apparently there are clients who will demand for their clothes to be dry cleaner, that seriously amazed me, Its just a bit of water but I guess if you are the wicked witch of the west, there could be a serious issue... I'm melting. C'mon ladies, a splash of water never killed anyone.
Jennifer J.
on 02/26/2015
I've been a client of Jet Rhys for 15 years. I can't say enough great things about the team - Mallory, Quinn, Trisha, Mai... They care about what they do, they take interest in their clients and are always at the forefront of style and fashion. You can't go wrong at Jet Rhys.
Zoe M.
on 09/22/2014
This is (in my opinion) the best salon in North County - and I've tried quite a few. I moved out here from Arizona, where I had a great salon for a low price. I salon-hopped, trying to find a good deal for a good haircut throughout Vista, Carlsbad, and Oceanside. Well - I found out I wasn't going to get a good haircut for the price I paid in AZ, so I sucked it up and decided to pay more. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Every cent. I've been to Mai consistently, and she is super friendly and my hair always looks wonderful after a visit there. I've found that my haircuts also last longer in between visits because of the way she does my layers. The $10 bang trims are also great just to drop by between cuts as well. I dread when I will eventually move again and have to find a new salon!
Stephanie F.
on 09/22/2012