James Torres

Assistant Colorist

Studied at Paul Mitchell the School – San Diego

I actually discovered Jet Rhys through my mentor who spent over a decade learning and specializing here and loving every moment. Her personal interest in my work ethic, education, and passion led to her sharing her experiences with me and made me feel comfortable about how I would fit in, learn, and expand my horizons while at Jet Rhys. I wouldn’t be where I am without her insight and encouragement!

There is so much to love about assisting at Jet Rhys! I love getting to connect with guests, learn their preferences during their services, and working as a team to create a relaxing environment for folks to get their hair needs met. Assisting gives me a wonderful opportunity to learn all of the different ways stylists, and color specialists are able to create personalized looks for everyone they serve.

My three most important priorities working anywhere are communication, accountability, and always being ready/willing to learn!

What I love most about working in this industry is learning about how many ways people can describe themselves and what they want. You will never stop learning that even with guests you see regularly. That is something that is constantly changing and you get to be a part of it!

Fun facts: I love sharks, moss, science/biology in general. I’m a musician and in my free time I love to skate!