Hair Show | Time To Shine

time to shine

Try these four steps to locks that reflect so much light, your friends will need shades.

By Jet Rhys

Nothing makes hair more beautiful than megawatt shine! It’s something we all all long for, but because of heat styling routines and brushing, our hair cuticle’s outer layers can ruffle, leaving it looking dull and brittle. Here’s how to get back your glow.


Don’t: Use any shampoo or conditioner just because it smells pretty or is on sale.

Do: Find a great shampoo suited specifically for your hair type (for example: fine, curly, thick, coarse) with a matching conditioner.

Insider Tip:

When shampooing use the pads of your fingertips to massage the product onto the scalp; it will cleanse the rest of your hair as it rinses out. Apply a nickel-size amount of conditioner to mid shafts and ends (not the crown area). Rinse hair thoroughly, then blast it with a cold water tense to seal in the cuticle for maximum shine.


Don’t: Ask for chunky blocks of color, which are outdated and never look natural.

Do: Enhance the radiance of your skin with hand-painted color detailing. This technique is perfect if you doh’t want too much color in one area. Blending a few different color ones will add more interesting contrast and depth.

Insider Tip:

For more drama, have your colorist up the amount of color around your face.


Don’t: Wait too long between trims. Your hair ages as it grows–the hair closet to the scalp is younger, while the ends are older.

Do: Have your hair trimmed every 5–7 weeks to maintain a healthy, vibrant look.

Insider Tip:

Even if hair is short, regular trims will prevent split ends to maintain smoothness and shine.


Don’t: Ignore the opportunity to boost your hair’s health during bedtime. Your hair is just like your skin–it repairs itself overnight.

Do: Invest in a masque and work it into the mid shafts and tips of hair. When you wake up, you’ll be amazed how healthy and shiny it is!

Insider Tip:

Sleep on a silk pillowcase instead of cotton one. Hair slides on silk; cotton catches on tangles.

Jet Rhys teaches cut, color and styling techniques on international stages and styles A-list celebrities for Hollywood events.

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