Royal Style

The Countdown is on:

No question: Kate Middleton is the first true modern royal. Whether she’s wearing a tiara or a pill box hat, she always has a current look with her own signature style. Rumor has it she’s opted for a lower-key arrival and a carriage moment-as opposed to a full-fledged carriage procession. Kate the Great does royal her way!

Abstaining from the expected, she not only steers clear of the “Di’-namic” short cut, she’s got the betting parlor at Casino Royale putting chips down on anything but a shellacked and structured, old-fashioned updo. Heavily favored for any modern bride is an upstyle (there is a difference) or even a half-up/half-down ‘do for hair that’s not quite Her Royal High-ness, but nudging closer to Her Royal Hippness.

Always walking the perfectly upright line between formal and fashionable, Kate even decided on DYI makeup for her engagement announcement, and it passed the most demanding litmus test from the tabloids of Fleet Street. Still, once she becomes the Duchess of Cambridge, she’ll be a real-life princess, and to pull off her Princess Bride wedding, she’ll unquestionably rely on the world’s finest fashion and beauty pros.

If you want to channel your inner Kate for your own fairy-tale look and have strong ideas about what you want-or if you want to do a few things yourself-here’s how to have your own royal style, courtesy of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego, CA!

Your Royal Treatment:

With more solid-looking haircolor like Kate’s semi-sweet chocolate tresses at the fashion forefront, a treatment for hydrated, healthy hair with imperial shine is a must. This means skipping the old Chamomile tea trick-too many poorly placed highlights could result. Instead, says Jet, co-owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego, get a 14-karat Gold Color Cocktail, or a very British, Green Tea Hair-Enhancing Rinse.

At Jet Rhys Salons, the Color Cocktail is shaken, not stirred.

A Davines Momo Cream hair mask is combined with a few drops of pure Vitamin E and a teaspoon of 14-karat gold color stain for sheen and luster. Fifteen minutes later, you’ve got a beautiful, golden gleam that hasn’t shifted your shade. Even dark brunettes will glimmer with light and show-off shine in all those photos ops.

Feeling DYI? Use Jet Rhys’ Green Tea Hair-Enhancing Rinse.

Use one Green Tea bag for every cup of water. Brew the tea bags for 3-to-5 minutes in hot (not boiling) water. By then, the tea will be fairly cool, but you can also use your microwave to start with warm, not hot water. After thoroughly rinsing out your conditioner, pour the tea directly onto your hair, massaging your scalp and saturating every strand. Wait 3-5 more minutes and rinse again.

“Green tea contains Vitamins C and E, and panthenol, which are all common in conditioners,” explains Jet. “Vitamin E restores dry and damaged hair, while Vitamin C guards against harmful UV rays and a rough, overly sun-lightened look. Panthenol, a pro-vitamin, strengthens and softens hair.”

Your Regal Cut and Style:

For a cut and style that look great from every angle in HD, longer locks should be enhanced with layers. Says Jet, “No matter what your hair’s length or desired look, get ends shaped and have layering customized to your cut and how you’ll wear your hair.”

Bouncy waves boost the beauty factor and curls contribute to the presence of a princess. But even if you have a straight style or an upstyle in mind, make certain your hair is in harmony with your headpiece. Other tips for haute hair:

  • For a refined royal take, go with a tasteful tiara, combs, a cathedral-length veil or a modern headband.  Don’t add additional hair accessories that will clash or detract from your singular statement.
  • The new silhouette is body-skimming, not ball-gown big. This means you can have fuller hair and controlled curl but don’t take it too far. Big hair isn’t bridal beautiful!
  • Skip sausage curls and tender tendrils: modern regal style comes from bouncy end curl, created with a curling iron that’s used just from mid-strand to the ends. For the thoroughly eco wedding, sponge rollers stand by.
  • Contemporary upstyles are controlled without being stiff. You can even wear some of your hair up and some down if it enhances your face shape. Kate’s wedding style is bound to be flawless without looking dated. In your real world, not-too-perfect is just right!
  • The runways are full of multi-textured looks that inspire modern brides, but don’t get carried away. The disheveled fishtail should stay in the club.
  • Be sure your color is photo-moment ready. It should be strong and shiny without looking cheeky. Blondes are the most likely to need TLC treatments, because bleached strands are dry and can look cotton-candy like in the spotlight.
  • Television’s “Boardwalk Empire” has brought back “The Great Gatsby” look of American royalty-or old aristocracy. Soft, touchable yet totally controlled waves (running deep!) create the look on hair of any length. Simply Brill!

Your Modern-Moment Must-Haves:

Chances are that neither you nor Kate will go all DYI on your wedding day, but snafus happen. Be ready to fix them on your own at any moment-or have your maid of honor tuck an on-the-spot, fix-it kit in her bag.Contents:

  • Needle and thread
  • Blotting Powder
  • Several hair and bobby pins
  • Travel-sized hairspray
  • A child’s, soft-bristle toothbrush

Explains Jet, “Pesky flyways are most likely to occur around the hairline. To control them, mist the hairspray onto the toothbrush and use it to lightly trace your hair, slicking any strays away.”

Whether walking down the aisle, dancing the night away or jetting to the honeymoon of your dreams, you’ll have a look that’s fit for a queen.


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