6 Tips For Getting Enviably Perfect Wedding Hair



by Petra Guglielmetti

Bet you never thought of packing a baby toothbrush in your wedding-day emergency kit. Here’s why you should–plus 5 more tips for having the perfect hair on your wedding day, courtesy of one of my favorite celebrity hairstylists, Jet Rhys.

So about that baby toothbrush–you should also pack a trial-sized aerosol hairspray, and when you need to tame flyaways before a photo, just mist the toothbrush with spray and then gently run over your hair. This is especially useful for those baby hairs around your face that could easily get too gunked-up if you were to just spray them directly.

More handy wedding hair tips from Jet:

* Bottle blonds are likely to need serious hair TLC before a wedding. “Bleached strands are dry and can look cotton candy-like in the spotlight,” Jet says. Schedule a salon deep conditioning and gloss treatment a week or two before your wedding to help your hair look healthy, and be sure to get a trim, too.

* Poufy hair is in style right now and looks great for a night out, but it’s best to avoid going ballgown-big with your wedding gown, according to Jet: “Big hair isn’t bridal beautiful!” Hair that’s full with controlled curl is bridal, major teasing and spraying is not.

* If Kate Middleton has inspired you to add a little royal flair to your wedding look, try doing just one regal detail: a cathedral-length veil, glitzy combs, a tasteful tiara, or a pretty headband. Don’t do several of these things at once, or you’ll risk looking costumey.

* A layered haircut is more wedding-photo-friendly because it has great shape and movement from every angle. “No matter what your hair’s length or desired look, get ends shaped and have layering customized to your cut and how you’ll wear your hair,” Jet suggests.

* If you’re adding curl to your hair, think soft and loose. “Skip sausage curls and tender tendrils: Modern style comes from bouncy end curl, created with a curling iron that’s used just from mid-strand to the ends,” Jet notes.


Do you know how you plan to wear your hair on your wedding day? Share!