Jet Rhys Talks Spring Hair

Jet Rhys is a salon owner, hair stylist, and InStyle Magazine’s 2010 Beauty Black Book pick for best salon in San Diego.

She sat down with us to talk hair

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SDM: Hey girl, what are the hairstyle trends these days?

JR: Salons are busier than ever. And change is in the air. Women seem to be craving change. They want to look different than their friends—no copycats.

SDM: Is there a hot trend for hair color?

JR: Women are embracing Ombre. It’s huge in L.A. and N.Y. It’s a technique that leaves the roots exposed or natural…

SDM: …unless the roots are gray, present company excluded thanks to my wonderful colorist…

JR: Yes. That’s a no-no. Blonds want the brown to show through. But this is a process that should be done professionally, so that it feathers through. Otherwise, it looks bad.

SDM: If I were invited to the royal wedding, how should I wear my hair?

JR: Not Snookie “bump” style! That is out! Accessories are in. A high and sleek pony for straight hair with a ribbon for a pop of color is in, jeweled clips and jeweled bobby pins are huge, and the Boho, kind of messy and Grecian look for curly hair is in. All of it can be held up with a couple of thin headbands in two colors—all great alternatives to the traditional updo.

SDM: What’s going to be trendy for hair this fall?

JR: Short cuts—Bobs with bangs, lots of face framing layers, and no super long hair extensions—hair to the shoulder or above. I do believe that long hair makes older women appear younger. The days of the middle-aged woman chopping off her hair are over. A reversible Bob is cute on almost everyone—shorter in front than in the back.

SDM: What’s the one piece of advice you could give to San Diego women for great-looking hair?

JR: We have a lot of sun here and our water is very hard. So San Diego hair can be dry and damaged. I would suggest using a deep conditioner often. At our salon we offer something called the “Power Dose” by L’Oreal. It’s a professional grade deep conditioner that my clients have been calling “Botox for hair.” It’s like a deep conditioner on steroids though, because it repairs instantly, hydrates, and any texture of hair can use it—it lasts for 4-5 weeks, and it’s only $35.

SDM: I know I could use a shot of Botox—on my hair for starters.

Okay, ladies of San Diego, what are your tips for beautiful hair?