Women’s Day: Age-Defying Style

with face-framing layers
How it Takes Years Off:
“On most women over 40,  long hair that’s all one length tends to drag the face down, partly because hair thins as we age,” says Jennifer Lawrence, senior hairstylist at the Louis Licari Salon in New York City.  “A mid-length style with strategically cut layers softens and frames the face, and is more sophisticated and sexy.” Jet Rhys, stylist and owner of Jet Rhys Hair Salons in San Diego, says, “This is the perfect length for almost any face shape or hair texture.”
What to Ask For:
A mid-length bob (no longer than the collarbone) with some longer layers hitting at the cheekbone or jawline.
Style Tip:
Twist damp hair into a loose knot, let it dry, undo the knot and let hair fall into soft, natural waves.  The movement of layers will distract people from things like crow’s feet.
How it Takes Years Off:
“Bangs are better than Botox,”jokes Rhys. “They add youthfulness to your face, hide fine lines on your forehead, play up your eyes, draw attention to your cheekbones and give any old hairstyle a new look.” Even if you have curly hair, adds Lawrence, your can easily blow-dry a front section to make it look smooth.
What to Ask For:
Have your stylist point-cut hangs just below your brow to create a chunkier texture; avoid a heavy Cleopatra bang that’s cut straight across.  “A longer fringe cut at a slight angle, swept over to one eye, gives a nice symmetry and softness to the face,” says Rhys.