Turning Heads At Jet Rhys

For those of you on the colder side of the border who may not have heard of Jet Rhys, open your minds to the various looks of this extremely creative hairstylist.

“Rhys has a reputation for doing things differently and he attracts like-minded talent. The vision for the shoot was influenced by the photographic work of Alfred Stieglitz from the early 1900’s and Richard Avedon’s work in the 1950’s & 60’s. Combining this, with our photographer Andrea Giaier’s work with landscapes, we set out to achieve an ethereal effect and to evoke a feeling of timeless mystery. These images seem to speak to you from a distant past but contain forms so unorthodox and innovative that they could be from the future.
The shapes combine a formidable powerful internal structure with outlines so silky and feathery that they impart a three dimensional quality. Color clashing and complimenting at the same time, was strategically placed in a unique way to enhance the silhouette of the shapes. Hair and make-up Jet Rhys Creative team.”


Many women hesitate to cut their hair super short in fear of looking boyish, or thinking it simply will not suit them after they have taken the plunge. If you have enough confidence to sport this look, you will be turning heads for all the right reasons.

This is my favorite look in the collection. The same hairstyle can be flared out at the sides to look free flowing; either way, to say the look is modern is an understatement – this rocks!

Gorgeous combed out to the side. It might not be for everyone but for those it suits, more power to them. Confident, fun and trendsetting, what more can a girl ask for?