3 Hairstylist Tricks To A Quicker Blowout

by Petra Guglielmetti

Lots of you recently admitted that you hate–no, loathe–blow drying your hair. This post is for you.

Rockstar hairstylist Jet Rhys shared these three tricks for speeding along the laborious process of getting your strands from soaked to sleek.

1. Divide your hair into three sections: right, left and back. This only takes a few seconds, and smaller sections dry much quicker than when you aim the air into your full head of hair.

2. Always use the nozzle that goes on the end of the dryer. This creates a more powerful stream of hot air directed right at the hair.

3. Get your hair about 80 percent dry before starting to style with a brush–your blowout will go much quicker but you’ll still get a smooth finish.