Should Chelsea Wear Her Hair Up? Top Stylists Share Their Tips

by Melissa Goldberg
chelsea-wwwdWhen Women’s Wear Daily published a sneak photo of Chelsea Clinton arriving at Vera Wang’s midtown New York showroom earlier this week, the 30-year-old Ivy Leaguer was fully decked out in the traditional incognito garb of hat and sunglasses.

Floppy-hat-gate quickly ravaged the Internet.

Is the sun hat reflecting burning rays, or is it secret-service camouflage? Are the sunglasses shielding a fresh chemical peel in prep for the big day? Where’s the MOB with her matching floppy?

And most importantly — is there a rejected bridal hair trial stuffed underneath the big brim?

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We decided to have fun with the wedding-hair idea, and asked some of the top hair stylists across the country which updo they would recommend as the perfect choice for the country’s former first daughter.

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These stylists have worked on their fair share of celebrities, VIPs and perhaps even the future Mrs. Clinton-Mezvinsky.

Here, the stylists predict how the woman of the hour will look at the wedding of the year.

Wrapped Pony Updo

With a sleek Audrey Hepburn-like society girl feel, this wrapped and carefully tucked-in pony would show off Chelsea’s creamy complexion and features beautifully, says San Diego salon owner Jet Rhys. The streamlined silhouette doubles as a clever way to control thick hair prone to pouf’ing under a hot summer sun.   “Chelsea is quite petite with a great, long and thick amount of hair. This look would showcase her neck and beautiful cheekbones,” says Rhys.