Expert Home Hair-Care Tips

There are many simple tricks that women can implement at home to keep their hair looking and feeling it’s best. Make sure to keep up on trips to your stylist, a trim every 6-10 weeks will ensure that even someone trying to grow their locks longer will have healthy, strong hair. Allowing hair to become dry and split will only halt the growing process because ends will break off at the same rate of growth up at the scalp. Biotin supplements are known to increase the strength and growth of hair and they can be found at local health food stores.

Anyone can create conditioning and detoxifying treatments at home with natural ingredients. Coconut oil is a great answer for dry scalp, skin and hair. Massage coconut oil in skin or scalp to add shine and moisture while also helping to relieve stress. The oil helps treat dandruff, dermatitis and psoriasis like a mineral oil without any of the adverse effects. For a detoxifying treat, combine 1 TBSP of lemon juice with 1 TBSP of white vinegar and combine with your shampoo when washing. Lemon cleanses hair and scalp while vinegar neutralizes build-up on both.

For at home styling, be sure to always hold your blowdryer at least 4” away from your head and keep the air flow moving to avoid over-drying or burning hair. Be sure to leave big color changes to the pros! Bleach, highlights and a jump from either end of the color spectrum can be very dangerous at home and can cause extreme damage. Look around locally for schools or training salons that offer discounted color services to models that are open to a supervised student performing their services.

In the end, try to avoid fighting your natural texture too much! Ask your stylist for products that are specific to your hair and for tips on easy styling at home, such as diffusing curls or quick blow-dry techniques. Try to keep big texture changes to a few times a month in order to preserve your hair!