Winter Hair Remedies

Here are some great solutions to winter hair and skin woes. I have included food, product and home remedies!


-Add more Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet to help repair dry scalp and skin as well as dandruff. Eating more fish and adding flaxseed oil to a salad are easy ways to take in more Omega 3s.

-Bananas are a great preventative snack for split ends. Tryptophan, an amino acid and Vitamins B, C and E will help keep breakage away from your ends!


-The Davines Nourishing Treatment line can help at home and in the salon. Use Davines Moisture Remedy Shampoo and Veggie Miracle Conditioner weekly to maintain moisture and shine in hair, as well as a light protection against fly aways. In the salon, ask for an LEI (Living Enzyme Infusion) Treatment to stop breakage in its tracks with active amino acids that fill in “pot holes” in the hair’s structure.

-Bumble and bumble Quenching line will restore a moisture barrier  to hair, adding softness and strength to keep hair looking and feeling healthy! Use Quenching Masque weekly for 10-20 minutes and remove winter tangles with ease.

-Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment by Coppola is like a facelift for dry, damaged hair! This 2 hour service provides softness and shine that lasts a minimum of 2 months while eliminating 95% of frizz. It also adds immense manageability by reducing at home drying time, making everyday styling a breeze!

At Home Remedies

-Coconut oil is a great answer for dry scalp, skin and hair. Massage coconut oil in skin or scalp to add shine and moisture while also helping to relieve stress. The oil helps treat dandruff, dermatitis and psoriasis like a mineral oil without any of the adverse effects.

-Massage full strength vinegar into scalp a few times a week to control dandruff and dry scalp, as well as removing build-up from products or environmental elements.

-To avoid winter hat hair, try a knit cap instead of stiff hats to prevent dents and flatness in hair. The flexible fabrics breath and stretch to accommodate hair styles.

-Using a humidifier at home will add moisture to dry air inside. Even inside the house air is made worse by cold temperatures and heater use