Jennifer J.

A year ago, I had a highly traumatic hair experience which left me with brassy highlights and a hair cut which looked like the stylist grabbed all my hair at the crown, leaving me with only two inches on the top, shoulder length on the base. (Oh hey wait, she did …)

After going into a self imposed exile,nobody deserved to see that inverted mullet, I finally emerged and set about finding about a new salon. A I turned to yelp and found Jet Rhys.

I saw Quinn for my color on my first visit. I told her what I wanted and got exactly what I asked for. I now see her every 8 weeks.

If you need to go in for a haircut, I’ve several of them but I click the best with Mai.

You honestly can not go wrong with this place, every one who works there.

One time, because I was squirming when I was getting my hair washed, I got water on my clothes, Thankfully I’m not the wicked witch of the west and frankly after being under the heat lamp jetson looking device (very technical turn I know), the water was a welcome release however I found out apparently there are clients who will demand for their clothes to be dry cleaner, that seriously amazed me, Its just a bit of water but I guess if you are the wicked witch of the west, there could be a serious issue… I’m melting. C’mon ladies, a splash of water never killed anyone.