Elizabeth H.

Have literally been going to this salon for decades. Yes, it dates me, but it should also say how dedicated I am to their staff and service. I started in Hillcrest shortly after Jet & Rhys opened their doors, and even though I have moved multiple times (now in LA) I still return to their newer salon in S.B. because I can count on the quality of their work and it is always FUN to visit this crew. Trisha, Quinn, Sam…all of them have transformed my locks from damaged, dingy, disaster to gorgeous and glowing. Honestly, I don’t know how they have patience with me…as I’ve had to go to other stylists while traveling or whatnot, and always have to return ‘home’ to get them to repair my ‘hairs’.
As with other reviewers, I have shared my good fortune at this salon with my family and now my mother, grandmother and even my father (props to Mai) attend regularly.
Bless you JetRhys. xo.