Got my hair cut and a bit blonder here.

This time the cut was not by Mallory (she was booked when I just had to have it cut) and I found out that I need to be more patient and definitely go to Mallory next time. She just understands my hair needs best. (The one I had this time took much more of the length off than we had discussed.)

For the color part – Amanda was fantastic! I was a little nervous as I hadn’t colored it at all in years, but it looks really, really good. She made sure I got the blonde exactly where I wanted it and how I wanted it. She did some precision techniques or something that made it blend quite nicely with my natural color. My hair was stubborn to let go of the brown so it took a tad bit longer than anyone expected. Amanda had other appointments to take care of…that’s when Monique stepped in, but Amanda kept checking up on me throughout.

Monique went the distance and took care of me throughout the washing, toning and blowing it dry. It ended up looking better than I could ever imagine and she helped me deal with my new cut. I had been a bit bummed by the cut (I have no idea what to do with bangs), but Monique and Amanda brought me back to skipping around happy as ever with my new hair. Thanks!