5 Celebrity Bangs Transformations You’ve Got to See—and How to Pull ‘Em Off

Fringe is in.

by Kristen Dold

It seems like every celeb and her mother is now chopping bangs. And with good reason: “Bangs can completely change your look without committing to a drastic hair change, and a flattering cut can really emphasize your best features,” says hairstylist Jet Rhys, owner of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego.

Below, check out before-and-afters of celebs who’ve scored major fringe benefits recently, then find out if the style will work on you, too, with tips from Rhys.

Jessica Biel: Full and Blunt

“Straight bangs look fantastic with long, thick hair and can give off a sweet or edgy vibe, depending on how you style the rest of your look,” says Rhys. A fringe that’s thick and blunt can add width to an already wide face (so tread cautiously if you’ve got that round shape). But, it’s super flattering on anyone with a longer face, like Jessica. Stealing the look is easy—tell your stylist you want a full, blunt bang that skims the eyebrows. Tip: Pop a nozzle attachment onto your blow-dryer and blow bangs straight using a windshield wiper motion to nix any separation at the part.

Chrissy Teigen: Full and Feathered

“Chrissy has a round face, but by adding long, eyelash-skimming bangs with a little chop to them, she’s able to really emphasize the structure of her chin and cheekbones,” says Rhys. (The emphasis might be a little too much if you’ve got a diamond face or pointy chin, though.) At the salon, ask for a full bang with soft edges, and the stylist will likely use point cutting (a snipping technique) to create that perfectly feathered edge.

Selena Gomez: The Hybrid Bang

Non-committal types: This is your bang. “It’s soft and wispy in the center, but gets fuller on the outside, so she can push the bangs off to the side or wear them right down the center of her face,” says Rhys. Another perk: The face-framing layers that hit Selena’s cheekbones slenderize her rounder face. Ask for a soft, wispy center bang with heavy outside layers.

Lucy Hale: Asymmetrical and Side-Swept

Imperfection has its perks: “This bang is left a little bit longer on one side, sloping down toward her cheekbone, and the effect softens and distracts from a pointy or diamond-shaped face,” says Rhys. It also draws mega-attention to the eyes. (Skip this if you’ve got a square face, since the longer side layers draw attention to the jaw.) Request an asymmetric, side-swept bang that hits your cheekbone.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum: Bedhead Bangs

Jenna is all of our sexy hair goals wrapped in one. “This shag look totally opens up her eyes—it’s just a little bit of a bang but the pieces are imperfect and heavy,” says Rhys. (The longer side layers are great for balancing out a square chin.) Ask for a small, full bang trimmed to the bridge of your nose that slopes down into face-framing layers. (Tip: Add a dab of styling cream, like Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion, $29, bumbleandbumble.com, to weigh those bitty pieces down.)