Celeb Style Watch: What Works, What Doesn’t

Just like the rest of us, celebs make occasional style missteps, and Lena Headey is guilty as charged! Jet Rhys of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego, CA explains what makes one of the actress’ recent styles much better than the other.

Bad Idea:

This ruler-straight, wig-like look plays up Lena’s square jaw and her hair lacks movement. “She’s a real beauty, but this makes her facial features look too hard,” says Rhys.

Much Better:

Lena’s “middy” falls to mid-neck and gains lots of movement from side-swept fringe and pieced-out ends. It looks more current and it de-emphasizes her square jaw.

Lesson Learned:

The stronger your features, the softer and more playful your hair should be, so put down your flat iron!

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