Celebrity Hair Styles: 25 Best Tips for Sexier Hair


4. Want an instant shine boost and a sleek style without static and flyaways? Put your conditioner in the fridge before use, says Jet Rhys of Jet Rhys Hair Salon in San Diego, CA. “At a lower temperature, conditioner instantly seals the cuticle.” Her fave: Sojourn Conditioner Moisture with keratin cashmere protein.

5. The Middy–or mid-length, swingy bob–is your best go-to cut, says Rhys: “It’s like the little black dress of haircuts.”  That’s because it works for any texture, and uses minimal layering to frame the face.  The blunt ends should be slightly concave to add more movement.  That way, you can go wide at the sides without looking matronly or having curly locks turn into a bubble.