How Can I Keep Dry Shampoo From Clogging In The Bottle?

by: Petra Guglielmetti

I’ve posted about how annoyed I get when pumps refuse to suck up the last couple inches of body lotion. Well here’s a similar nagging issue one reader Tweeted us about–have youever encountered this problem (if so, we have fixes for you!).

@Charley931 tweeted Beth and I to ask: How can she keep dry shampoo from clogging inside the bottle? She owns two different kinds (one from Big Sexy Hair, one from Victoria’s Secret) that she can no longer use due to clogging, and the issue started after just a couple uses.

I’m not a dry shampoo user but I know it’s super-popular these days. Tons of my friends swear by it, as do the hairstylists I interview for stories–so I asked around and found the following tips for keeping dry shampoo from clogging.

From hairstylist Joshua-Myles Ristaino:

“I’ve experienced the same issue with dry shampoos! Partly I think it is a manufacturing issue, and the nozzles on most of the luxury brands are a bit too small. Also, most people don’t realize the humidity in the bathroom can gunk up the materials in dry shampoo. I have the best luck with the Naturia Dry Shampoo from René Furterer, which has a wider opening in the nozzle for less buildup. Or, better yet, switch to the Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk in a squeeze bottle. It offers more control and gentler application (like little clouds!) allowing you to get closer to your root.”

From hairstylist Jet Rhys:

Two tricks that she says work like a charm:

* Tilt the can sideways with the nozzle under the faucet and let water gently run over it. Pull it in and out of the water stream a few times until the clog loosens.

* Swipe a Q-Tip in some Vaseline, tissue off any excess and place inside the nozzle hole. Work it in there a little, then use the other end of the Q-Tip to clean the nozzle out. “The slipperiness of the petrolatum works like a charm!” Jet says.

From Paul Perez of Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles:

“Make sure you shake dry shampoo in between each spray, and only spray in quick bursts. Once you’re finished, rinse the nozzle under warm water so the bottle will be un-clogged next time you go to use it.”