Celebrity Hairstyles: Sexy Hair Secrets

Want to tress sexier? Here’s how, courtesy of Jet Rhys, owner of her namesake salon in San Diego, CA.

1  Embrace your natural texture. Whether your hair is straight or curly, don’t fight it, flaunt it!

2  Avoid ultra-styled cuts. Harsh lines and angles make you look dated, but “seamless, non-choppy layers are gorgeous,” says Rhys.

3  Get over your flat iron addiction. Sexy hair has lots of amazing movement, bounce and swing, while all-over flat-ironing gives you an unnatural, wig-like look.

4  This season, it’s all about texture. To get a bedhead-sexy look like Malin Akerman’s, wrap sections around a large curling iron.

Volume is hot! To pump it up, apply volumizer to your roots and blow-dry hair upside down.

6  Need an easy, sultry night look? Look no further than the ponytail. Tie it off at the nape, mist the tail with light hairspray and smooth on glossing cream. “The spray helps the cream stick, so hair will look super-sleek.”