How To Sun-Block Your Locks

Two Tips for Keeping Hair Soft and Healthy

Remember Sun In? Just one of several products in our youth that we hoped would make us California blondes, at least for a season. Today we know that baking our heads causes rapid hair damage—UVA and UVB rays dull down and dry out your hair proteins, especially true when you’ve just had your roots done. Take it from our friend, hair colorist Jet Rhys, who’s got the best hair care tips under the sun:

1. Shield your hair Before you head outside, comb through a leave-in hair product containing sunscreen from roots to tips to create a barrier between the sun and your hair’s outer cuticle layer. Most hair care brands make sprays and creams that filter UV rays. (You can also do this with your regular sunscreen, and it will double as a styling product!)

2. Protect your scalp Use a full-strength SPF directly on your scalp where you part your hair (clear sunscreen sprays work well for this). Styling your hair without a visible part will also help. For short hair, Jet suggests combing your hair back and securing it with a cloth headband or scarf; for long hair, pull it into a ponytail or bun (but don’t expose the fragile ends of your hair by piling it on top of your head). And when in doubt: “I always recommend a hat to clients who have just had their hair colored and are heading to the beach,” says Jet.