How to Fix a Bad Haircut

by: Grace Gold


If you hate it, say it!Come prepared to talk about the style you are looking for says Jet from Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego, Ca.

If you are unhappy with a cut, say something to your stylist before you leave the salon. Give him/her the opportunity to get it right. Every stylist wants their clients to leave the salon happy with their look.

If the cut is beyond repair Jet shares some tips to get you through until it grows out


Even the worst haircuts can be camouflaged with the strategic placement of some cute barrettes or a headband.

Get creative with tools:
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Secrets of a Top Stylist

Speed up your blowout

50% of women dread the morning routine of lengthy blowouts. The secret to a quicker blow dry is to divide hair into three sections; right, left, and back. Always use a nozzle on your dryer, it channels the air directly on your hair. Get 80% of the water out before using your styling brush. By adding this to your routine it will instantly reduce your blow dry time.

Repair your ends without losing your length

To mend your ends and bring back that vibrant swing, using the right shampoo and conditioner is a must. Source de Richesse sulfate free shampoo and masque by L’Oreal Professionnel contain tomato lycopene known for reversing free radical activity, this is an instant first aid kit for your hair.

Get the best cut for you

For narrow thin faces it is best to wear a sexy bang, ideally at a length that skims the bottom of the eyebrows. This will help fill out a thin face in an instant! It also offers versatility, wear them straight or slightly pushed to the side. For rounded faces a longer side swept bang ideally at a length that skims the bottom of the eyes. This helps elongate the face, giving the face a slimmer appearance.

Increase your shine

A colorist trick is to add 3 drops of vitamin e oil to the tips of the hair while applying the color. This prevents the color from looking ashy and flat. The vitamin e acts as a conditioning agent that works in conjunction with the peroxide and the hair color.

Smoother Sleeker Locks

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! The secret behind the scenes trick to those glossy shampoo commercials locks is a through cleansing. Take the time to rinse well -build up of products, oil, make hair look dull and lifeless.

InStyle: 2010 Beauty Black Book

San Diego: Haircut
Jet Rhys Salon
437 S. Highway 101
(Solana Beach, Calif.)
Regular Price: $45 and up
Fast fixes for regrettable cuts are Rhys’ speciality.  Walk in with a mess of uneven ends and walk out with a just-below-the-chin bob that’s sleek and sophisticated.

Elle Beauty | United States of Style


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United States of Style
In search of the perfect cut? Jet Rhys Hair is listed as one of Elle’s top 100 salons.  California: San Diego: Jet Rhys.Elle-Aug10-Art-complete






Marie Claire: Hair Tips

Dramatic Color

You can do easy root touch-ups at home, but “when you’re making a big
shade change, like brunette to blonde, there’s no substitute for the salon,” says Aura Friedman, a Wella colorist who routinely helps M.I.A switch shaders


Investing in a great haircut that grows out without losing its shape can mean less time and money spent on products and maintenance. Keep in mind that”regular trims are imperative for women with finer hair to prevent split ends and limp strands,” says San Diego salon owner Jet Rhys

Highlights & Lowlights

Strategically placed color will grow in better, meaning fewer touch-ups. “For fall, I prefer to paint deeper tones on the underside of hair so that it looks natural as it grows out,” says Friedman. “Or if you love a celebrity’s hair in a photo, only a professional colorist will know where to apply highlights and lowlights. You can’t get that from a box.”

Women’s Health: Style Fixes

“This flat iron’s curved edges help to create movement in the hair, reflecting light and enhancing faded ends.”

“Natural bristles make hair frizzier, so synthetic is best.”

“When hair is still wet, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle, working up from the tips.”

Self: Tame Frizz

Tame Frizz

Whether your hair is straight or curly, take the other F word out of your A.M. styling session.
Tweak Your Technique

After you shower don’t towel dry hair or wrap it in a towel on top of your head, says Ana Paula Cota, a senior stylist at Devachan Salon in NYC. “Both rough up the cuticle, leading to frizz before hair’s even dry.” Squeeze out water with an old T-shirt. “It’s softer and gentler.” For sleek strands, blow-dry with a boar-bristle brush-it’s a must. “Boar bristles are natural oils from root to tip,” says Mark Garrison, owner of the Mark Garrison Salon in NYC. “They make hair shinier and cut down on frizz even if you don’t use styling products.”

Test-drive These Cool Tips

After you’ve finished styling, dip a clean makeup brush into translucent face powder; blow off excess, then dust it along your hairline and roots at the top of your head, says Jet Rhys, a hairstylist in San Diego. “ You give hair natural lift without creating more flyaways, which you get from flipping hair upside down to create volume.” To get rid of flyaways, you need a brush that grabs stubborn strands-and the smaller, the better, like a toothbrush. Short bristles can scoop up small sections of hair, which is critical when fixing cowlicks and frizz as well as getting bangs to lie right, Rhys says.

Oprah: August 2010 – Fess Up

Fess Up

Whether you take only five minutes to style your hair or typically spend 20, say so. This affects how the stylist determines the best cut for you. “If you never blow-dry, thats a deal breaker for some styles,” says Jet Rhys, owner of the Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego and Solana Beach, California.

Fitness: Blow-dry Damage Prevention

Q: I blow-dry my hair in the morning and again after my lunchtime workout. Am I frying my strands?

A: You could be. To prevent damage, apply a heat protectant, such as Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Soft Touch Shaping Cream ($12.50, Ulta stores), on damp hair. Then use a ceramic blow-dryer that has ionic technology; it will help reduce your drying time, says Jet Rhys, owner of eponymous hair salons in San Diego. Try the Infiniti by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Ionix Hair Styler ($36.99 Target stores).

Fitness: Style Spoiler – Frizz

style spoiler:


The three S’s-sweat, showers, steam rooms-are like kryptonite for hair. “Small water particles can make tresses swell, creating pouf,” says hairstylist Jet Rhys, owner of the two eponymous salons in San Diego. Give your hair a pre-workout spray from roots to ends with a dry shampoo like Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray ($11,, to absorb water. To prevent fluff, swap your usual conditioner for one that’s rich in proteins, such as Aveeno Nourish+Moisturize Conditioner ($7.99, drug-stores), which help fill in porous areas and reduce flyways. If you have relaxed hair, toil frizzes by brushing strands flat around your head, then covering with a silk scarf before you sweat. Afterward, blast roots for a few minutes with a blow-dryer on cool.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Extreme Color Changes

Recently, three stars underwent dramatic color changes, but did they make a wise move?  We asked Jet Rhys of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego, CA to weigh in!

American Salon: Flying High with Jet Rhys


Instead of simply expanding when their popular salon exceeded its capacity, Jet and Rhys
of San Diego’s Jet Rhys Salon opened a second location in Solana Beach, CA, much to
the delight of clients who were coming from 20 to 40 miles away for the duo’s cut and
color expertise. The 2,800-square-foot salon, which made its debut in February, features
an open layout with a dedicated check-in and retail area. Like the flagship location, the
shampoo in the new salon features overhead flat-screen televisions showcasing the
latest runway collections. On Sundays and Mondays, the salon transforms into a L’Oreal
Professional education center, offering courses on classic and advanced techniques for
stylist and colorist. “There has been such a demand for continuing education,” Jet says.
“It has catapulted our business by creating a buzz with staff and models.”
While building the new salon was a challenge—-“Always add three extra months to
what the architects tell you!” Jet advises—now that the doors are finally open, business
is already booming. “Our clients are so grateful that we’re closer, and the referrals are
pouring in,” Jet says. Along with word-of-mouth marketing, the salon has been reaching
out to local television and radio stations to offer makeovers and hair advice and has been
using sites like Facebook to fill open appointment slots. “We have seen the power of social
networking,” she says. What’s next for the ambitious duo behind the salons? Says Jet, “Our
dream is to open several JetRhys locations across the United States.” —L.M.