Short Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

Whether you’re considering a crop, shag, bob, or pixie, there’s a short hairstyle for you. Our celebrity hair stylist will help you discover the short haircuts that make sense for your hair type and texture.
By Erika Rasmusson Janes

There’s a short haircut style for everyone, says Jet Rhys, a celebrity stylist and the co-owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego. “Short hairstyles are no longer just for daring celebs looking for a change,” she says. “Any woman can rock her version of short and sassy locks with confidence.”

Take a look at these celebrities with short hairstyles (like the always stylish Michelle Williams) for inspiration. Rhys offers her advice on which of these cropped cuts are right for you.

Turning Heads At Jet Rhys

For those of you on the colder side of the border who may not have heard of Jet Rhys, open your minds to the various looks of this extremely creative hairstylist.

“Rhys has a reputation for doing things differently and he attracts like-minded talent. The vision for the shoot was influenced by the photographic work of Alfred Stieglitz from the early 1900’s and Richard Avedon’s work in the 1950’s & 60’s. Combining this, with our photographer Andrea Giaier’s work with landscapes, we set out to achieve an ethereal effect and to evoke a feeling of timeless mystery. These images seem to speak to you from a distant past but contain forms so unorthodox and innovative that they could be from the future.
The shapes combine a formidable powerful internal structure with outlines so silky and feathery that they impart a three dimensional quality. Color clashing and complimenting at the same time, was strategically placed in a unique way to enhance the silhouette of the shapes. Hair and make-up Jet Rhys Creative team.”


Many women hesitate to cut their hair super short in fear of looking boyish, or thinking it simply will not suit them after they have taken the plunge. If you have enough confidence to sport this look, you will be turning heads for all the right reasons.

This is my favorite look in the collection. The same hairstyle can be flared out at the sides to look free flowing; either way, to say the look is modern is an understatement – this rocks!

Gorgeous combed out to the side. It might not be for everyone but for those it suits, more power to them. Confident, fun and trendsetting, what more can a girl ask for?

3 Hairstylist Tricks To A Quicker Blowout

by Petra Guglielmetti

Lots of you recently admitted that you hate–no, loathe–blow drying your hair. This post is for you.

Rockstar hairstylist Jet Rhys shared these three tricks for speeding along the laborious process of getting your strands from soaked to sleek.

1. Divide your hair into three sections: right, left and back. This only takes a few seconds, and smaller sections dry much quicker than when you aim the air into your full head of hair.

2. Always use the nozzle that goes on the end of the dryer. This creates a more powerful stream of hot air directed right at the hair.

3. Get your hair about 80 percent dry before starting to style with a brush–your blowout will go much quicker but you’ll still get a smooth finish.

Jet Rhys Styles the Stars

For ABC’s New Fall Season of Hit Shows!

Elisha Cuthbert of Happy Endings
To get this red carpet look we took a deep side parting to Elisha’s hair. Our insider tip: using hot rollers on the tips of the hair we created flowing waves and soft volume.
Photo courtesy of:

Daniella Alonso of My Generation
To bring intense smoothness and shine to Daniella’s wavy locks we dried her hair with a round brush. Our insider tip: rolling the round brush through her hair in a figure eight pattern creates luscious deep set curves.
Photo courtesy of:

Dan Byrd of Cougar Town
We removed weight from the inside of the shape not his length keeping him growing and well groomed. This is our insider tip for men wanting longer hair.
Photo courtesy of:

Andrea Anders of Mr. Sunshine
To super size Andrea’s fine hair we lifted the roots for maximum volume. Our insider tip: curl and smooth the ends with a Mason Pearson brush for a perfectly polished finish.
Photo courtesy of:

Natalie Martinez of Detroit 187
To accentuate Natalie’s mega glam natural curl we wrapped small sections of hair around a curling iron. Our insider tip: take the mid-section of hair leaving the root & ends free for an effortless elegance.
Photo courtesy of: John Spellman, retna LTD.

Josh Cooke of Better With You
We worked with Josh’s natural texture, giving him a modern look with pointcutting. Our insider tip: cut only the tips of the hair to add texture and volume for this jaw dropping look.
Photo courtesy of: ABC

Splurge vs. Steal: Beauty Bargains

No need to break the bank over your routine. Beauty pros help you navigate the shelves to determine what’s worth the splurge, and where you can save.

By Courtney Dunlop and Lizzie Dunlap


Dramatic Color: You can do easy root touch-ups at home, but “when you’re making a big shade change, like brunette to blonde, there’s no substitute for the salon,” says Aura Friedman, a Wella colorist who routinely helps M.I.A. switch shades.
Cuts: Investing in a great haircut that grows out without losing its shape can mean less time and money spent on products and maintenance. Keep in mind that “regular trims are imperative for women with finer hair to prevent split ends and limp strands,” says San Diego salon owner Jet Rhys.
Highlights and Lowlights: Strategically placed color will grow in better, meaning fewer touch-ups. “For fall, I prefer to paint deeper tones on the underside of hair so that it looks natural as it grows out,” says Friedman. “Or if you love a celebrity’s hair in a photo, only a professional colorist will know where to apply highlights and lowlights. You can’t get that from a box.”


Bang Trims: “Blowdry your bangs as you would normally, twist hair in 2-inch sections, and snip the ends until you’ve reached your desired length,” says Rhys.
Maintenance: “If you take care of your hair health, you can go longer between salon visits,” says Rhys. Fine or color-treated hair types should use gentle, sulfate-free shampoos. Medium to thick hair needs moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and proteins.

Should Middle-Aged Women Cut Their Hair? Experts (And You) Weigh In

Long locks on older women have become a hot hair topic.

Writer Dominique Browning penned her account of wearing down-the-back locks well into her 50s in The New York Times, and spoke about her trials — even her mother has pushed her to cut it — on this morning’s Today Show, in the clip above.

When StyleList recently covered the topic of thinning hair, a reader responded by asking why women feel the need to chop it all off after a certain age — igniting a nearly 200 comment-long thread that battled back and forth between the long-haired Demi Moore’s and crisply-cut Jane Fonda’s of today.

Demi Moore wears long locks over 40. Photo: Getty Images

“Most older women…look younger with shorter hair. It gives an innocent and modern look that uplifts the aged face, where as long hair drags it down,” argues StyleList reader Keli. “Every woman with long hair that I’ve seen would look much better with a short cut.”

Yet reader Marisa did cut her locks off — only to regret it. “I cut it short one time, and I hated it! I don’t care if you think I look better with shorter hair — it’s not about what you think, it’s about how I feel about myself, and I’ll be damned if I cut my hair off like some of these other women,” spit back the reader.

Much like the question of wearing white after labor day or blending on shimmer eyeshadow past a certain age, many are just tired of conforming to conventional style rules.

“Bull…I don’t care for this unwritten rule that states after age 35, one should cut her hair. As a chick, we have enough ‘rules,’ thank you,” snapped reader Esperanza.

To cut or not to cut after 40?

We took the question to the country’s leading stylists, who set today’s hottest hair trends with their celebrity clientele, yet offer the kind of down-to-earth tips ‘everyday women’ can appreciate. Their verdicts may surprise you.

New York salon owner and stylist Mark Garrison says that technology and a different kind of lifestyle won’t have you aging your like your grandmother did — and along with that, your hair will most likely age very differently as well. “Women at 40 are just getting started — hasn’t the aging process been reversed so much that those old beliefs aren’t relevant?” asks Garrison. “Conscientious women take so much better care of themselves these days with diet and exercise, that they reflect a youthful appearance. With a youthful appearance, a younger style can be worn if the hair is healthy and doesn’t look fried and over-chemically processed.”

The time to cut hair doesn’t depend on your age, but rather the health of your hair, agrees San Diego salon owner and stylist Jet Rhys. Some very young women with ultra-fine and brittle hair won’t be flattered by long cuts despite their youthful age, while other much older women with thick manes of carefully conditioned hair can look ravishing with longer locks. “Wear your hair, don’t let it wear you!” urges Rhys, who sports a blonde close crop cut that belies her California surfer locale. “Age shouldn’t be a factor, it has more to do with lifestyle,” adds Rhys.

‘Break the rules!” adds Ted Gibson, who has tressed Angelina Jolie’s long strands for years. Shoulder-length can be an especially flattering cut for women over 40 advises the stylist, who refers to Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Williams and the Real Housewives of DC, NY and Beverly Hills as living embodiments of the new chic.

Teri Hatcher and Vanessa Williams look gorgeous in shoulder-length locks. Photo: Getty Images

Many women do notice a change to the texture and health of their hair as they get older, and it’s not just your imagination. As you age, the diameter of your hair shaft begins to shrink — which often results in thinner strands and a decrease in shine and vitality unless you lucked out with especially good genes. Rhys says that many women react by over-styling their hair, which actually does more harm than good. “Hair can sometimes look poufy and matronly just by the way we style our hair after 40,” says Rhys. “Ditch the round brush and keep your style movable and loose.”

Garrison agrees, especially urging the curly-haired women to enjoy the texture that they may have hated and continually tried to coax straight in their early years. “Let your long, naturally curly hair express itself — now that’s youthful!” says Garrison.

If you do decide to rock long locks later on in life, the hair cut you get can mean the difference between looking fabulous or just downright frumpy. “For longer hair to flatter, it needs some shaping around the face, as in a ‘face frame’ so the cheek bones are shown off,” advises Garrison. “An angled bang is great for accenting the eyes without being severe. Also, bangs are good for those little lines creeping up the forehead.”

You’ll want to stay away from the dead-center part and the all one-layer length or else risk looking like a hippie in search of Woodstock — layers throughout the hair will add movement so it doesn’t just hang. A great cut can even take years off your age. “A cut that compliments the bone structure and gives lift to the face is better than cosmetic surgery,” claims Garrison. “I love hair with a bit of volume and a trace of curl with rollers or an iron. Avoid flat-ironed pin-straight hair, it shows every flaw.”

Another key to looking like a savvy beauty instead of a woman desperately chasing after her youth is to always observe what Rhys calls the ‘golden rule’ of longer hair in your mature years. “Your look should be fresh, not young,” says Rhys, adding that the strategic use of color, such as highlights around the face, and a sleekly angled cut can bring long locks to a classier level that is more flattering to mature women.

Yet sometimes, it’s just time to chop it in order to rejuvenate your entire look. But how do you know when it’s time?

Instead of basing a haircut on your age, study the condition of your hair. Is it overprocessed, thin and lacking in shine? Then it’s time to head in for a session with the scissors, says Rhys. “Cut it to at least the top of your collarbone and add bangs — it’ll give you a new spring in your step! Your old style will look more youthful, thicker and healthier.”

And just because you’re cutting, doesn’t mean that you have to go the chop-shop route. A length that sits somewhere between the chin and the top of the shoulders is flattering on most women, especially when paired with a sexy grown-up bang and layers that move.

Whatever length is your fancy, StyleList reader Jackie sums it up with a wise attitude. “It does not matter to me what people think, I wear my hair to suit me. I’m at the age where I don’t need to impress anyone.” Reader Esperanza agrees, and proposes one last proposition to end all the fuss. “No more rules for women! Except extending a helping hand.”

Copy Cut

Jet Rhys shares the how-to’s for the hottest haircuts in Hollywood.

Who doesn’t what to look like a Hollywood star?  Mimic celebrity haircuts and learn various cutting techniques to achieve similar styles with tips from San Diego based Jet Rhys, owner of the Jet Rhys salons in Southern California.

Point Cut: Get Gwyneth Paltrow’s natural looking, free flowing style.  Cut with scissors to create texture and add movement to the ends of the hair.

Undercutting: You don’t have to be a celebrity to pull off drama and style like Rihanna.  Be a show stopper by cutting the hair extremely short on the side or at the nape area.

Slice Cutting: The girls on the Hills are known for their long manes and Audrina Patridge is no exception.  Cutting with the end part of the scissors is a great way to remove bulk without comprising on length.

Slide Cutting: Get ready for a close up of your own with slide cutting, which is cutting using the middle part of the scissors.  It’s a great way to soften and bring out the facial features so you can have face framing like Jessica Szohr.

Making the Cut: Keep Hair Salon Style to Last

It’s no secret that a few hours spent at the hair salon can have dramatic effects on your mood. While a fab new ‘do will leave you soaring in a matter of minutes, a style that doesn’t quite make the cut is cause for an even swifter crash landing. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent those mood-plummeting salon days and even more ways to keep you flying high long past your stylist’s talented hands.

Whether you’re blessed with full, natural waves, pin-straight tresses or Shirley Temple’s curls, ensuring that your trip to the hair salon delivers the results you crave is as easy as a few simple steps. We’ve teamed up with some of San Diego’s premier hair stylists to bring you the how-to’s and the what-not’s of the hair salon world. Armed with the key to fabulous hair, unlocking your gorgeous locks is only a phone call away.

Keep It Realistic

Your hair is as unique as you are, and while your hair stylist can definitely work some magic, he is no Harry Potter. Your genes are your genes, and even the most talented of hair specialists can’t change that. According to Ashlee Dorsey, stylist at Diesel Salon in Kensington, it’s important to consider this when preparing for your hair appointment. “For any service, have realistic expectations for yourself,” says Dorsey. “If you have fine hair, don’t choose a photo with really thick curly hair.” This might seem obvious, but hair professionals claim that impractical hair expectations are among the most common factors in post-appointment disappointment.

Hair stylist Jet Rhys of Jet Rhys Hair also suggests taking caution with the photos you choose to bring along. “Always look for a photo of someone with a similar hair texture and face shape to your own,” says Rhys. Establishing realistic goals and being able to exhibit specific examples will provide your stylist with a clear idea of the result you’re looking for without forcing him to break the bad news of ‘it aint’ possible, hon.’

Additionally, in order to deliver the best results, your stylist needs to be acquainted with your hair at its most natural state. Dorsey finds it helpful when clients come in for a consultation with hair styled as they would normally style it. This provides her with a better idea of the day-to-day texture of their hair. Rhys admits that the ability to clearly see what your hair texture represents when you style it at home is a good starting point for the direction of your services. And when it comes to your hair, we’re sure the only direction you’re looking to go is the gorgeous one.

Color Me Beautiful

You’ve been aware of the remarkable effects a dash of color can have on pretty much anything since first-grade art class. Now, you utilize these properties every time you apply makeup or choose a bright yellow handbag to vamp up an outfit. Your hair is definitely no exception to the color rule. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or simply hoping to add some vibrancy to your coif, a color treatment is one of the most expedient hair services available, and has the potential to deliver terrific results. However, coloring inside the lines takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to your hair, so if you decide to go the hair dye route, there are some important steps to keep in mind.

While at-home boxes might save you some cash, it’s usually best to make an appointment with a professional colorist rather than risk emerging from the tub with hair fit for Ronald McDonald — a mistake that is sure to cancel out any cash you managed to save with the box. Before making the appointment, work out exactly what you’re looking for in terms of the ultimate result of the color service and look for photos that illustrate that look. Additionally, Dorsey recommends skipping the shampoo before heading in for a color treatment to avoid irritating your scalp.

Once your color treatment is complete and the fabulous new you emerges, keep your color vibrant by following a few simple steps. To avoid color fading, Rhys advises keeping the hair-washing to a minimum. However, if a daily shower is unavoidable (after all, you do have a beach bod to maintain) Rhys suggests using a color-safe shampoo or simply rinsing with a touch of conditioner to prolong the color. And just like you use UV protection to protect your skin, you should do the same for your colored hair. Invest in a styling product that contains UV filters, which will act as a sunscreen for your hair. Rhys suggests Davines NouNou Shampoo to protect against sun damage. For devoted beach bums, he suggests applying Davines Well Being De Stress Yogurt Buffer Gel before a day in the sun in order to protect your brilliant color from harmful UV rays, salt and chlorine damage.

Another member of the Diesel Salon team, Gianina Contin, agrees that choosing UV protecting products is important to the life and vibrancy to any color. She says that UV filters (try L’Oreal Delicate Color Sulfate Free Shampoo) allow vitamins and nutrients to soak into the center of your hair strands, nourishing and protecting your hair form the inside out.

Keeping Up Appearances

As awesome as it would be to bring your hair stylist home with you, that’s usually not an option. While a select few might respond well to bribes (it’s worth a shot, right?), there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be on your own once you depart the comfort of your hair stylist’s skilled hands and creative insight. Fortunately, a good stylist will never leave you with a hot new ‘do and no idea how it got there. “At Diesel Salon, we believe in educating our clients on their style and at-home products that fit their needs,” says salon owner Candice Buckett. Pay close attention to the techniques your stylist carries out while working with your hair, and take note of any specific products she might use. You might want to consider purchasing the same products before you leave the salon. “Products are truly key,” says Buckett.

Of course, no matter what products you use, there is no way to entirely prevent the need for a salon touch-up. According to Rhys, even the healthiest hair needs to be trimmed regularly in order to prevent split-ends and promote radiant shine. Haircuts generally lose shape within eight weeks. Be sure to schedule your next appointment well in advance to keep locks looking brilliant. Buckett agrees that six to eight weeks should make the cut for longer layers, but recommends touch-ups every three to five weeks for short cuts, which usually require more texturizing and detailing.

No one denies that multiple trips to the salon can leave a huge dent in your bank account. If you’re looking to save some cash, Contin suggests using Bumble and Bumble Color Support Shampoo and Conditioner, which can give you up to two weeks extra time before needing a color touch-up. Rhys suggests alternating tint and root touch-ups with highlight appointments to keep your color vibrant while not emptying your wallet. Highlighted blondies in particular should schedule a cash-friendly Vitamin C treatment in between their regular highlighting services to keep color bright.

Most importantly, don’t be shy to ask any questions you might have. Your stylist wants you to love your look three showers later just as much as you do. “Ask questions!” says Rhys. Let your stylist know how much time and effort you can usually afford to put in each day to style your hair. A good stylist will show you easy techniques and will suggest products for your hair that will allow you to keep up a salon-quality look without spending hours in front of the mirror. Of course, with gorgeous new hair to look at, we understand if you can’t help it.

To learn more about product recommendations and hair services by Jet Rhys and the qualified team of salon professionals at Diesel Salon, discover their San Diego locations for a free consultation and to meet the stylists themselves!

How To: Get Blake Lively’s Waves & Braids


Gossip Girl star Blake Lively looked every inch the glowing beauty at the recent Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 premiere. I especially adored how her trademark long blonde locks were done in loose waves with little braids tucked in here and there. To recreate her look, I turned to expert hairstylist Jet Rhys. Jet is the owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego and was more than happy to take some time out of her busy day to share her tips with us. “Blake has stepped out of the box with this fun, flirty look,” she says. “And it’s so easy to do!” Read on for her step-by-step instructions and product recommendations…


Bumble and bumble Hair Powder in your hair color
Small elastic hair ties (Don’t use regular-sized ones, as they will weigh the braids down.)
Hot rollers (or a curling iron, but Jet recommends hot rollers when pressed for time)
Pocket-sized pack of tissues
A soft hold hairspray (Jet recommends Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode for soft hold and shine)
2-3 bobby pins, preferably in your hair shade


1. Don’t shampoo right before styling! To get the separation that’s in Blake’s hair, Jet recommends waiting a day or two after shampooing. “The hair has a bit more grip then,” she says.
2. Spray your hair generously with the Bb. Hair Powder, which will give your hair extra body and fullness.
3. Take a 3-inch section of your hair and lift it straight up, spraying the section with hairspray. Take a hot roller and place your hair on it. Then, take a tissue and lay it over the section, wind down on the roller, and clamp. “The tissue helps to keep all your ends together, making rolling a snap,” says Jet.
4. Move onto the next section of your hair and repeat the process until done. Spray all the rollers with Spray de Mode and let it sit for 30 minutes.
5. Take out the rollers after 30 minutes, and give your head a shake. Before tousling or spraying your hair, take a 1-inch piece of your hair and start braiding right near the crown. Fasten with an elastic when you reach the tips of your hair.
6. Take another 1-inch section right behind your hairline and braid until you reach the bottom of your hair. Fasten again with an elastic. Repeat if you’d like another braid.
7. Tuck the braids underneath the rest of your hair with the bobby pins.
8. Scrunch up the ends of your hair with your fingers to enhance separation, and lightly spray all over with the Spray de Mode.

More How Tos

A Bad Hair Cut And Its Aftermath

Jet Rhys Helps

Jet Rhys (whom I absolutely adore) of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego, California is an amazing hair guru who can help anyone who’s had a bad hair cut.  Come on, you know you’ve had one.

You’ll never have to worry again after you’ve read the lovely Jet’s tips for dealing with A Bad Hair Cut: The Aftermath – What are we to do?

Jet says to always “come prepared to talk about the style you are looking for” with your stylist.

It that trick still doesn’t work, Jet has other great suggestions including:

If you hate it, say it!

If you are unhappy with a cut, say something to your stylist before you leave the salon. Give them the opportunity to get it right.  Every stylist wants their clients to leave the salon happy with their look.

If the cut is beyond repair Jet shares some tips to get you through until it grows out:


Even the worst haircuts can be camouflaged with the strategic placement of some cute barrettes or a headband.

Get creative with tools:

If you didn’t use a curling iron, flat iron, or diffuser before this maybe now is the time to put them to use. Add some curls with a curling iron or diffuser if your new cut is falling flat or try a flat iron to lengthen curly/wavy hair that has been cut too short.

Use product and experiment:

You can’t be afraid of looking different. You may need to try some new products and style your hair in a a new way.

If your stylist cut your bang’s too short and they are resting on your forehead like a paintbrush simply take cuticle scissors, point the blade upwards toward the sky and take baby snips to the edge of the bang. This will thin the bluntness and reduce the wait of the line.

When the ends are slimmer, they are easy to sweep over the softness no matter if they are short or long. Or if you need to give boost to an overall blah cut, try adding a texture cream to add fullness and manageability.

To add length:

Purchase hair wefts. A weft looks like a little curtain of hair attached together at the top and free flowing at the bottom.

These handy hair extensions are fantastic to help ease your pain and best of all there are temporary so no heat, no glue, just clip it in! I suggest 4 panels: two for the sides, two for the back to create length and volume.

The trick to anchoring the wefts is to tease the hair one inch below the area you intend to put the wefts. Next add a little hair spray and clip in.

Try a color trick:

If your stylist has over-layered your hair…or over textured your hair, have your colorist give you the thick hair trick. The bottom layers of the hair are colored 1 1/2 shades darker than the rest.

By doing this trick it instantly creates the illusion of depth, so your hair will appear fuller instantly!

If your sides are too short:

Try pulling them back with barrettes or bobby pins, Jet suggests finding ones that match your hair color. Also, use two bobby pins on each side and crisscross them on top of each other.

The crisscross really helps to tackle shorter hair that can be hard to hold back. Place the bobby pins or barrettes on the side of your head, just above your ear and then you can tuck the longer pieces behind your ear, giving a more unified look.

To get more information about the Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego visit Jet’s fabulous website at:

Hair Experts

Jet Rhys Co-Owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego

Jet is known for her upbeat wit as well as her innovative, unparalleled passion for color. Her motto is, “Look, Study and Attack”. Creator of the Jet City Video Guide to Color Techniques and the Jet Rhys Color Cocktail – The Shaken, Not Stirred Color Refresher, Jet focuses on an ideal, image evolution. Like a maestro she creates a harmonious, signature style by evaluating the natural color & skin tones, eye brows, hair texture and bone structure of each individual client. She then evolves the look based on “honest” beauty – creating the perfect, healthy hair canvas for color to come.

Jet Rhys’ styles and advice have been published in national woman’s magazines, including Allure, Elle, Vogue, Self, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and Seventeen; in professional publications, like American Salon, Modern Salon, Launchpad, and International Hairdresser’s Journal and on beauty websites like Daily Candy.

Before and After Salon Visit Q&A


What are some steps you would suggest clients take BEFORE an appointment?

E.g. don’t wash your hair, wear your day-to-day styles and makeup, have a good idea of what you want done/changed, etc.
Coming to a new salon can sometimes be an intimidating or nerve racking experience if you do not feel prepared to share your ideas with a Stylist or Colorist. We suggest bringing in pictures, but be cautious in the picture choices! Always look for a photo of someone with a similar hair texture and face shape to your own. If possible, come in to the salon with your hair styled the way you wear it most days so that the Stylist you are seeing can get a sense of what your hair texture represents when you style it at home. This will provide a good starting point for the direction of your services.

Many people struggle to keep their hairstyle/cut looking as great as it does right after a trip to the salon. What are some tips and tricks you would suggest for keeping the “salon-styled” look days after the appointment?

Ask questions! Tell your Stylist how much effort you are willing to put into your home styling routine and be realistic about the results you want to achieve within your own schedule. A great Stylist will not only work with your texture and lifestyle, but show you ways to do it at home! Using great products will allow your hair to do the hard work for you so that you can achieve salon quality looks on an everyday basis at home.

Same thing for hair color — what steps should clients take following a color service in order to keep the color, bleach, etc. from fading? Are there any particular things people do after an appointment that can potentially alter the color?

Protect your hair like you would your skin, especially if you are concerned about fading. Try not to wash everyday, using a dry shampoo or just rinsing hair and adding a little conditioner after a trip to the gym will prolong color even for the most active client. Using a Color-Safe Shampoo as well as a styling product with UV Filters will act as a sunscreen for hair. Wear a hat to avoid direct exposure to the sun and save your skin at the same time!

You might have answered this in Questions 3 and 4, but what hair products do you suggest for keeping hair looking great long after an appointment?

For the sun-worshippers, Davines NouNou Shampoo is color-safe and contains UV FIlters to block sun damage and protect brilliant color and shine. Davines Well Being De Stress Yogurt Buffer Gel can be applied to damp hair and thrown up in a ponytail to shield the effects of sun, sea and chlorine whether you’re swimming, running or just relaxing in the sand.

I’m sure a lot of this depends on each person’s anatomy, but in general, how often should someone get his/her hair trimmed/cut in order to keep the style they prefer? And for coloring and highlights?

No matter how healthy someone’s hair is, regular trims will keep split ends away and maintain shine. Haircuts lose shape after 8 weeks, so scheduling ahead will guarantee an appointment and the best hair possible! There are lots of tricks to stretch out your color services and avoid the high price tag. Alternate Tint/Highlight appointments with a Tint to touch up roots in between and save money! For natural blondes with Highlights, schedule a Vitamin C Treatment to brighten color in between services and keep hair healthy and full of life!

Our goal is and will always continue to be to make every person that visits our Salon feel like a Rockstar! We love making people happy and bringing beautiful hair into this world each and everyday!