Before and After Salon Visit Q&A


What are some steps you would suggest clients take BEFORE an appointment?

E.g. don’t wash your hair, wear your day-to-day styles and makeup, have a good idea of what you want done/changed, etc.
Coming to a new salon can sometimes be an intimidating or nerve racking experience if you do not feel prepared to share your ideas with a Stylist or Colorist. We suggest bringing in pictures, but be cautious in the picture choices! Always look for a photo of someone with a similar hair texture and face shape to your own. If possible, come in to the salon with your hair styled the way you wear it most days so that the Stylist you are seeing can get a sense of what your hair texture represents when you style it at home. This will provide a good starting point for the direction of your services.

Many people struggle to keep their hairstyle/cut looking as great as it does right after a trip to the salon. What are some tips and tricks you would suggest for keeping the “salon-styled” look days after the appointment?

Ask questions! Tell your Stylist how much effort you are willing to put into your home styling routine and be realistic about the results you want to achieve within your own schedule. A great Stylist will not only work with your texture and lifestyle, but show you ways to do it at home! Using great products will allow your hair to do the hard work for you so that you can achieve salon quality looks on an everyday basis at home.

Same thing for hair color — what steps should clients take following a color service in order to keep the color, bleach, etc. from fading? Are there any particular things people do after an appointment that can potentially alter the color?

Protect your hair like you would your skin, especially if you are concerned about fading. Try not to wash everyday, using a dry shampoo or just rinsing hair and adding a little conditioner after a trip to the gym will prolong color even for the most active client. Using a Color-Safe Shampoo as well as a styling product with UV Filters will act as a sunscreen for hair. Wear a hat to avoid direct exposure to the sun and save your skin at the same time!

You might have answered this in Questions 3 and 4, but what hair products do you suggest for keeping hair looking great long after an appointment?

For the sun-worshippers, Davines NouNou Shampoo is color-safe and contains UV FIlters to block sun damage and protect brilliant color and shine. Davines Well Being De Stress Yogurt Buffer Gel can be applied to damp hair and thrown up in a ponytail to shield the effects of sun, sea and chlorine whether you’re swimming, running or just relaxing in the sand.

I’m sure a lot of this depends on each person’s anatomy, but in general, how often should someone get his/her hair trimmed/cut in order to keep the style they prefer? And for coloring and highlights?

No matter how healthy someone’s hair is, regular trims will keep split ends away and maintain shine. Haircuts lose shape after 8 weeks, so scheduling ahead will guarantee an appointment and the best hair possible! There are lots of tricks to stretch out your color services and avoid the high price tag. Alternate Tint/Highlight appointments with a Tint to touch up roots in between and save money! For natural blondes with Highlights, schedule a Vitamin C Treatment to brighten color in between services and keep hair healthy and full of life!

Our goal is and will always continue to be to make every person that visits our Salon feel like a Rockstar! We love making people happy and bringing beautiful hair into this world each and everyday!