Unsurprisingly, Plastic Brushes Are Not So Awesome For Your Hair

by Petra Guglielmetti

I’m sure lots of you own hairbrushes made from plastic–they’re one of the most common options when you mosey on down the hair-tools aisle of the drugstore. (P.S. don’t you just love that aisle? All the cute accessories! The pretty colors! I can never make it out without at least a new pack of elastics.) According to one celebrity hairstylist, though, this particular genre of brush isn’t the best for your hair.

Hairstylist Jet Rhys points out that stiff plastic brushes can easily rip and break hair, and they also are more likely to encourage static. The alternatives: boar or soft nylon-bristle brushes (her favorite: the Denman Classic Styling Brush; see box below for this and other good picks). These styles might cost you a bit more, but it’s not like you necessarily have to shell out for a Mason Pearson. And tools like these last indefinitely if cared for properly.

What do you guys think: Would you ditch your trusty plastic hair tools in hopes of having less breakage and static? Or do you think they work just fine on you? Do any of you have non-plastic tools you love and want to recommend?