2010 Hairstyle Trends: Big Glamorous Hairstyles

by: Karen Marie Shelton

Jet Rhys, founder of the fabulous Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego, California wisely provided a preview of 2010 Hairstyle Trends.

Jet pointed out “volume at the Spring 2010 runway shows ascended to new heights. Hollywood is also jumping on the glamorous new heights of hair.”

The result? Expect lots of big hair on the Red Carpets at the upcoming awards shows. Afterall, fashion drives hair trends and the Award Shows often follow closely behind the catwalks.

Jet noted “the advantage of up-up-and-away hair altitude is that it slims your face and elongates your body for a taller, more fabulous appearance.” Which of course is always a wonderful result.

How big will the 2010 hair be? Jet said “potentially a pre-stratosphere ceiling of hair.”

Of course with big glamorous hair your tresses will have special needs. Jet noted “longer, heavier hair needs a strong set to hold volume for an entire day—let alone all through the night.”

What to do? Time for a Jet Set, from Jet Rhys of Jet Rhys Salon, San Diego, California.

NicoleScherzinger24_250hJet explained “it’s key to prep first. Start by priming locks with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then towel dry and apply a quarter-sized amount of L’Oreal texture expert Infinium 3 strong hold working spray.” Tip: Jet’s personal fave.

She also explained “since most thickeners are heat-activated, speed blow-drying time by working strands’ undersides, then the surface, and finish with a large-sized Marilyn boar-bristle brush.”

Jet’s other big hair tips? “Steal a runway secret by curling your hair to create extra texture.”

For a Jet Set, “wrap four jumbo-sized hot rollers in the interior sections only—leave the hairline free.

Mist with a little spray and wait for rollers to cool completely before you unwind. The final touch for super sizing hair? Backcomb underneath the crown for a mega-volume boost, then smooth the surface for a flawless finish.”

“When keeping the sides up and away from your face, clip them up and mist on hairspray lightly,” adds Jet.

“Let the spray dry before ever-so-gently pulling the clips away.” For more fabulous types or to book an appointment, go to www.jetrhys.com