Ponytail Express

Is there anything better than a sleek and chic ponytail (like the one seen here, in all its swingy glory, at Michael Kors)? I asked hairstylist Jet Rhys (owner of the Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego) for some tips:

“Sleek ponytails are low maintenance, classic and beautiful.

* Start with a good blow dry using a round brush. Apply a smoothing serum to prevent frizzies and dry the hair in a backwards motion away from your face. If you are working with day-old hair simply brush from root to tips to remove all tangles.

* Brush all of the hair into a tight, sleek ponytail. It’s often helpful to work in three sections, pulling the two sides back first and then smoothing back the front layers of hair last. To create a bit of lift at the top of the crown, tease the hair under the front layer and then secure all three sections together.

* Smooth the surface of the pony using a boar bristle brush, be light handed so not to crush the hair.

* Use ‘no snag’ elastics available at any beauty supply store to secure the pony.

* Take a piece of hair from the base of the pony and smooth it out with your fingers. Wrap this hair around the elastic band and secure with a pin.

* Highlight your cheekbones with a higher ponytail. The trick is to sweep the hair on the side of your head in a slightly upward motion instead of straight back. The upward lift of the hair creates a nice line from your cheekbone all the way back to the pony.

* Last, be sure to add some shine. I love Citre Shine Mist. It adds the perfect amount of shine and has an SPF protectant.”