Get Straight

Thermal Straightening at Jet Rhys Salon


Why come to Jet Rhys for hair straightening?

Training and technique. After extensive research we chose to work with the Yuko straightening system because of the amazing results we are able to achieve for our clients. The staff at Jet Rhys salon received extensive training at the Yuko Salon in Beverly Hills, CA so that you can have sleek, shiny, straight hair.

Why is training and technique so important when it comes to hair straightening?

Not all straightening products and techniques are created equal. Be sure to ask your salon about training and process before you have your hair straightened to avoid a beauty disaster. At Jet Rhys, we carefully evaluate clients’ hair to be sure that the hair is in suitable condition before performing the treatment.

How can I find out if my hair is suited for this treatment?

Call Jet Rhys at 858 345 1895 to make an appointment for a consultation ($50 – which applies towards service).

How long does the straightening process take?

4-5 hours

How much does it cost?

$880 – $1,050.