Trish H.

I am usually afraid of fancy looking salons but not this one. What struck me most was that everyone I encountered seemed extremely sincere and nice and competent. I needed a pick up since I have been in a care taker space all during the holidays and went to see Sarah D about the possibility of putting in some bright highlights to my silver grey hair. IM 63 and after painfully growing it out for a year from coloring it for 30 years has been good and not so good. Silver grey hair does make me feel and look older especially being in and out of watching over my mother in law at assisted living place. But Sarah thought I wasn’t ready today to really color it and didn’t think highlights would make a huge difference for the money I was gonna spend. I found her very intuitive, insightful, adorable, sincere and nice for being a young gal. She went and got Jet the owner and she agreed that I wasn’t ready for color today and suggested an all over color of maybe a champagne color to make me look younger and brighter. She suggested a good cut and brought over Topher. He is super nice, really took the time to ask me questions about my grooming and time hair styling and my lifestyle and gave me a nice easy haircut that I really like. Now if only I can style it like he did
They gave me a new client discount and have a nice referral discount if you refer peeps in. I also was sent home with a little sample bag of nice products. I must say that this salon exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be back. I am very particular about salons and have not gone back to many, so without hesitation I believe you will have a similar experience because they all seem to want to please, want your hair to look great and for you to be happy when you leave the salon.