Sharlene C.

I decided to get extensions because I have always dreamed of having longer/fuller hair. However, unfortunately with my hair type, I was never able to achieve that naturally. My hair is the type where it only really looks good/full at collar-bone length, anything longer than that it starts to look very wispy at the ends. Not to mention it takes what seems like an eternity for it to grow! After months of complaining, my colleague Mai recommended hair extensions, and it was the best decision yet. I went from collar-bone length hair to 20 inches of dreamy Rapunzel hair!

Mai was awesome! She went through a full consultation with me about everything there is to know about extensions; how to maintain them, how to care for them, the proper shampoo and conditioner, styling, etc. She matched the color perfectly, and you can tell she really took her time in placement because it blends so beautifully, it actually looks like MY HAIR! I love my hair now more than ever. Thank you Mai!