Joe D.

Why should a guy go to a hair salon for a haircut? Good question, right? We’re usually loyal to one Barber or Stylist we have found; and we like the way they cut/style our hair. I don’t go for a hair cut/style because a place has a pool table; I go because I know that when I leave I will have the style and cut that I want. It’s an evolving thing. One time of year I like my hair longer, so my stylist/cutter (Mallory) and I figure out a style and a plan. Another time of year I’ll want to have my hair shorter but with some length on top. This is where a skilled creative stylist partner (like Mallory) can really show you the way. And it is enlightening to get an understanding of how your hair works and what it can do. For me, having a place like Jet Rhys is vital for cool good handsome look. And you’ve got choices. All their stylists/cutters are highly skilled. All you’ve got to do is drop by, in person, or on line, and find the one that is the perfect fit for you. I’m convinced that after observing the various clientele interactions with the color artists, the shampoo/massagers, the stylists et al, Jet Rhys has a well kept secret; and it’s simple too. They love what they do, they have fun doing it, their clients have a good time and they are successful: BIG TIME. I wish I had discovered them long ago. I’m there about 3 years now. Wouldn’t dream of going to any other place. Way to go Jet Rhys! Thank you!