Arvee E.

I am probably a colorists worst nightmare but biggest lesson because of how impulsive I get with my hair. I cannot imagine how much hair color I have had in the past 6 months switch to Blue, Mint, Blonde, Brown and Purple.
When the time came my hair needed some TLC and snipping 4 inches became necessary, I caught the attention of my hair stylist Mai. (she also worked for Jet Rhys) She suggested I would be a perfect candidate to become a hair model for Jet Rhys Hair Salon in Solana Beach.

The Story:
Mind you, I have not been to a professional colorist in about 2 years and my hair color is as backyard standard as it gets. So, I was quite surprised how inexpensive being a hair model could be when Mai told me about it.
She had set up the appointment for me with a colorist named Amanda.

You see, its not like I have not tried the whole “get your hair professionally done thing” because overall, they are the expert in hair + chemicals. BUT… all the other times I seen a “professional” wanting to change my dark = black (natural hair color) to blonde, they freak out, but go in and tackle the job anyway. In the end, do so much work for the crappiest results! I have never loved my results!

Now lets be realistic, going from black to blonde is never easy and can hardly be done in one visit. I know that, BUT… going home after paying close to $300 for short length, yellow and orange hair is NEVER FUN. I never would go back, ever, not once.

So when Mai had suggested being a hair model, it sounded really interesting and it was no different going to a normal hair appointment wanting to get your hair colored.

AMANDA – SHE WAS AMAZING! I mean, she was knowledgeable and kept me informed all the way through. She did tell me I was not going to be blonde today, which I already knew, but it was nice to hear it from her. Our session took about 3 hours, and BOY, she was such a trooper. I know how difficult my hair can get. She was patient and polite. DID I MENTION THE TEA OFFERINGS?! AWESOME!
I have thin, fine, dark Asian hair and she managed to work her magic along with her colleagues. I will not go to anyone else, she and the Jet Rhys team had made me a committed believer.

They managed to keep my hair healthy during the bleaching process and I was impressed by how much intuitive they are to new techniques to get my hair lighter without using bleach. I had a Vitamin C treatment in which I did not mind paying $30 for.
I have 3 more processing sessions to go probably, but I look forward to seeing them again!