Annalisa J.

This place gets more magical by the minute!
I went in today for a trim by Hair Magician Sal, as we were finishing my “laser cut” bob, it truly looked like a laser cut it… and I have curly hair.. ok back to the story, a very fascinating lady came by, introduced herself and we started talking about color, fun color!
I just finished mentioning to Sal how I wanted to do something fun eventually, little did I know that “eventually” was now… well … drum roll please…
This fascinating person I just met was the Wizard herself, JET!! As soon as my brain caught up, I was in awww, we talked color, we had … let me rephrase this, she had this amazing fun vision on how to add some rock and roll to my hair, and amp up the sassy in my life!
And oh boy sassy I feel!
Sal, your haircuts are simply divine, through the years we definitely had some fun, long, short, shaved, faux Mohawks , and today we put the cherry on top, with a color that does this haircut some serious justice!
Jet, meeting you was an experience on its own, your energy is infectious! What an honor!
Thank you to Sara, Amanda and Trisha for helping in the process. You guys made me feel AMAZING
Thank you Team Jet Rhys!