Andrea B.

I’ve seen a few different colorists at Jet Rhys over the years and have always been happy. Brock and Sam are very talented, I would highly recommend them both.

However, I’ve always had a hard time trusting stylists because I’ve had my fair share of them cutting off too much, cutting too many layers or too few. I have left many hair appointments at other salons feeling generally unimpressed with the results, and was starting to accept that my long, thin hair will just always look blah.

Enter Ricky, amazing stylist and overall wonderful person. I’ve never had a stylist explain in such detail why he does what he does, what is possible with your hair texture etc. By the time he grabs the scissors, I know exactly what to expect and can relax, knowing I’ll get exactly what I want.
In addition to being skilled and detail oriented, he is just soooo incredibly nice. Thank you Ricky for restoring my faith in hair stylists!