Health | Super-hydrate Your Hair

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Start by conditioning–yep, before cleansing (hear us out). Work a rich conditioner through wet strands from midshaft downward. “This coats hair, preventing shampoo from further drying out ends, which have likely taken a beating this summer from sun and chlorine,” explains Michelle Pasterski, head stylist at Mixed Co. Salon in Chicago. Leave the conditioner on while you shampoo. “You really only need to wash at the roots and along the hairline to remove oil sweat and product residue,” she says. Rinse out the shampoo and conditioner simultaneously. Yuma have heard that icy water lends shine, but a cold rinse actually makes it harder to get product out, notes San Diego stylist and salon owner Jet Rhys. “For a more thorough clean that still boosts shine,” she says, “keep water lukewarm.”