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Spring is all about new beginnings–and that includes your bathroom essentials. We’ve got your scrub-down strategy to refresh the tools you use very day and keep them tidy.
Hairbrush + Vinegar

Clean It Bimonthly

The Dirt Product residue and natural oil from your scalp build up on bristles, which then weighs down your hair, says San Diego stylist Jet Rhys.

To Clean Remove loose strands after each use by running another hairbrush through the bristles. (Or do as Martha does: Lift away mats with an orange stick.) To cut through dirt, Rhys recommends a deep-cleaning every few weeks by soaking the brush in one part apple-cider vinegar to two parts warm water. Then rinse it with warm water for a few minutes and let it dry overnight.

Replace It If the bristles are bent or falling out.