Short Hair Style Guide | Fake It!


Fake it!

by Chryso D’Angelo

Not sure if you want to take the plunge? If you’ve got long bangs or face-framing layers (at least temple to cheek-level), don’t cut your hair into a bob until you’ve tested it out first. Jet Rhys, of her namesake salon in Solana Beach, CA tells you how to fake it until you make it. There’s nothing to lose!

Step 1: Spray a generous amount of dry shampoo powder to dry hair; brush through.

Step 2: Gather hair as if you were going to pull it into a low ponytail (leave the front section on the heavier side of the part out of the pony).

Step 3: Fasten the length back with an elastic.

Step 4: Pull at the pony until hair starts to hug the back of the neck.

Step 5: Roll the ends up and hide them underneath the rest of hair at the nape; fast with bobby pins.

Step 6: Take a tail comb and ever so slightly test the top section of hair, then lightly brush it and smooth into place.

Step 7: Take a 2-inch curling iron and roll the bang section counter clockwise, release, then lightly brush away from the face.

Step 8: Mist with hairspray for hold.