First for Women | Look 10 years younger with the right cut!

Found! 9 age-erasing styles. Discover the one that’s perfect for your face shape.
ffw-article1-oct15-webJada Pinkett Smith
The Sleek Slant / Best for square faces

Before: Hair that cascades well past the shoulders pulls the eye down, which can accentuate any facial droopiness—especially under the eyes. “Plus, the lack of face-framing layers enhances the angles on a square jaw,” says celebrity hairstylist Jet Rhys with Cricket hair tools.
Now: An edge that curves in at the chin has a youthful vibe, plus it softens strong features. And the sleek style makes hair look shiny and healthy.
Ask For: An asymmetrical blunt bob with semi-stacked layers in back and a deep-set part in front.
Tip: Opt for a flatiron infused with nourishing macadamia oil to lock in shine.


ffw-article2-oct15-webNicole Kidman
The Sassy Swing / Best for oval faces

Before: A long shapeless style can make an oval face look drawn and gaunt, says Rhys.
Now: Layers that start at the chin add youthful swing to hair, plus make cheeks appear fuller.
Ask For: A collarbone-length cut with subtle chin-length layers.
Tip: Cut blow-drying time in half with a drying spray.






ffw-article3-oct15-webMelora Hardin
The Modern Pixie / Best for square faces

Before: “Youthful features like high cheekbones and a smooth décolleté can get lost in hair that hangs past the shoulders,” says celebrity hairstylist Jet Rhys. “Plus, this style accentuates a square jawline and hides a long neck.”
Now: A pixie with layers at the crown helps soften harsh facial angles while wispy bangs draw attention to bright eyes and a megawatt smile. This cut also opens up the neckline for a slimmer look overall.
Ask For: A pixie that’s slightly stacked in back with short layers on top that gradually lengthen toward the front of the face.
Tip: Work a dime-size amount of wax into dry hair to give strands a boost and lock in piecey, tousled bangs.


ffw-article4-oct15-webAngela Bassett
The Textured Bob / Best for round faces

Before: Long dry-looking locks tend to pull warmth away from the skin, making the face look sallow or ashy. Plus says celebrity stylist Jet Rhys, frizz from long spiral curls creates a poufiness that overwhelms the face while a middle part further widens a round face.
Now: Full layers and a deep-set side part give the face a more angular, slimmer appearance. And the smoother waves reflect shine that provides the face with a youthful luster.
Ask For: An uneven bob that falls even with the tip of the chin with long, heavy texturized layers and bangs that reach the ear.
Tip: For euro waves, use two curling irons. Start with a 1 1/2” curling iron and wrap hair going away from the face; curl all hair and let cool. Then take a 1/2” iron and re-curl the tips only. Set with spray.