Haircut & Style: Combat The Hazards of Chlorine


Combat the hazards of chlorine

A dip in the pool can dry hair out and actually turn it green, so bather beware!
San Diego, CA-based stylist and salon owner Jet Rhys knows a thing or two about the hazards of chlorine. The disinfectant strips stands of their natural oils, leaving behind ultra-dry ends, an itchy scalp and, if you’re a blonde, ghastly green. To put in the fix, Rhys says to wet hair in the shower before jumping in the pool and use a leave-in UV protectant like Bumble and bumble Color Minded Styling Balm.

“If you’re a frequent swimmer, invest in a daily shampoo and conditioner to moisturize and remove debris like salt, sand and chlorine.” Her top pick: Malibu Swimmers Water Action Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner. For more extreme cases, ask your stylist for a Malibu Vitamin C Treatment to clarify green and bring hair back to health.

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