Good Housekeeping: Love Your Hair in All Types of Weather




Climate Condition
Bright Sunshine
Hair Challenge Keeping color vibrant

TO PREVENT THE HUE OF YOUR HAIR from fading, cover it up. “A hat is an obvious option, but you can also pull it back in a French twist or a topknot so less of its is exposed,” says Jet Rhys, owner of Jet Rhys Hair Salons in San Diego. Finish with a a sun-shielding styler like L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray UV Filter ($15, drugstores).
Some sun is unavoidable, so make sure your haircolor has subtle variations in it to help camouflage fading. Try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Salon Blends ($13, drugstores), which has three tones per kit. And don’t overdo it with hot tools. “Overprocessed hair is more susceptible to UV damage,” says Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, headquartered in L.A. When you do use them, start with a heat protector, like Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Heat Protection Mist ($15, drugstores).