Shampoo Hair Without Getting Wet

By Grace Gold

Clean greasy strands without stepping foot in the shower.

“Much like Little House on the Prairie, Sunday night is hair washing night,” YouBeauty senior editor, Courtney Dunlop, recently bemoaned on Twitter.

It’s a sentiment that’s spawned a burgeoning industry of dry shampoo, named for the product’s seemingly miraculous ability to refresh hair without the need for water. Harried women everywhere are rejoicing, as more skip their daily sudsing ritual in favor of more sleep, more free time and more sanity.

“Dry shampoo beats the old-time trick of using baby powder because aerosols and nozzles better direct application,” says San Diego celebrity stylist and salon owner, Jet Rhys.

Options range the gamut with budget versions that include oil-absorbing particles and basic scents while pricier picks employ micronized powders for greater volume and extras like tea tree oil to prevent dandruff. Higher end options also offer elegant fragrance blends that mimic shampoo-fresh hair, adds Rhys.

To apply dry shampoo, bend forward and work in sections holding the spray several inches from hair and directing the nozzle towards the scalp. Next massage roots with fingertips to build volume and to spread the formula through strands, instructs Rhys.

However you use it, dry shampoo is one of those hero products that you’ll likely wonder how you ever did without. Check out the best picks of the crop in the gallery.