Oprah: How Can I Make a Salon Blow-Out Last?


How Can I Make A Salon Blow-Out Last?

A: There aren’t many things I’m an expert at. Actually, at this moment I can’t think of any things, except one: I know how to extend the life of a blow-out. Before I dwell too long on this haunting discovery, let me share my secrets (and stylist Jet Rhys’s excellent suggestions). After you leave the salon:

1 Keep your hands off your hair. And avoid brushing, too, adds Rhys. Handling and brushing distribute natural oils throughout your hair, which will hasten your need for a shampoo.
2 Don’t let the stylist use any styling products, and don’t use any at home, either. Most stylists look at me incredulously when I say, “No product, please,” but as Rhys points out, sprays and serums can attract dirt and oil.
3 In the shower, use a fabric-lined cap. It keeps your hair drier and protects against frizz better than a plastic cap, says Rhys.
4 If you need to revive your style, dampen the hair in front and on the crown, then spot blow-dry.

Keep in mind: When I ask specifically for a blow-out that will last several days, I get better results. Why? The stylist pays more attention, and uses a bit more heat, which increases the style’s hold.