Top 5 Celebrity Hair Color Makeovers of 2010

A new hair color can feel like a new lease on life — and nowhere can greater inspiration be found than in the glitzy red-carpet world of celebrities. We gathered the top five hair color makeovers of the year and asked two celebrity colorists — Rita Hazan of New York’s Rita Hazan Salon and Jet Rhys of San Diego’s Jet Rhys Salon — how each leading lady pulled off her new hue with such glamour and grace.
Hayden Panettiere

This sunny blonde made the leap to rich, sultry color with surprising ease. “Her skin is absolutely glowing and her brows seem to match perfectly. She looks her age with this rich color, not like a little girl anymore,” says Rhys. “It adds color to her skin tone, making her look more golden,” agrees Hazan.

Katherine Heigl

The former blond bombshell’s choice of a chocolate brown instantly transformed the look of her complexion. “She picked a pretty soft brown, so it works well with her tone and makes her skin look more sun-kissed and bronze,” observes Hazan.

Hilary Duff
“She rocks the ombre color so well,” says Rhys of the star’s dark-to-light fade of subtle highlights, a hot color trend this season. “I love the butterscotch side-swept bang — it makes her blue eyes pop,” adds Rhys.
Attention-getting blond locks seem to fit this Fergalicious singer’s personality. “She’s a rock star, and the blond works for her. She looks younger and hot!” says Hazan. “Fergie was looking a bit goth, and it wasn’t defining the gorgeous layers in her haircut. The new blond is very soft with a natural highlight to add dimension without looking fried or fake,” adds Rhys.
Ashley Olsen
The perpetually-sunglassed twin traded in her light locks for a deep espresso blend. “Ashley looks regal in this color! The new rich brown works great with her skin and the classic red lips she wears so well. All grown up in a good way!” says Rhys.

Photo Credit All Images: Getty Images