Ethereal Photoshoot

Rhys has a reputation for doing things differently and he attracts like-minded talent. The vision for the shoot was influenced by the photographic work of Alfred Stieglitz from the early 1900’s and Richard Avedon’s work in the 1950’s & 60’s. Combining this, with our photographer Andrea Giaier’s work with landscapes, we set out to achieve an ethereal effect and to evoke a feeling of timeless mystery. These images seem to speak to you from a distant past but contain forms so unorthodox and innovative that they could be from the future.

The shapes combine a formidable powerful internal structure with outlines so silky and feathery that they impart a three dimensional quality.  Color clashing and complimenting at the same time, was strategically placed in a unique way to enhance the silhouette of the shapes.

Hair and make-up JetRhys Creative team.