Sal Lozano

Senior Stylist + Educator

One of Jet Rhys Hair Salon’s top educators, Sal’s stylistic journey began with a job as a receptionist. He soon became a student, then rose to assistant, then stylist, and finally a senior instructor at Vidal Sassoon Academy. During his 13 years there, he traveled widely domestically and abroad, training professionals and aspiring stylists. Venues included main stage platform work for major industry trade shows in New York, London, Mexico and Los Angeles, as well as salon seminars and advanced classes around most major U.S. cities. He’s also worked in photo shoots for music videos, magazines and television, along with providing services for military wives, reintegration of incarcerated women, and those in assisted living. Borrowing inspiration from architecture, nature, art and the artists around him, Sal believes all hair textures deserve the same controlled suitability and attention to detail, although he specializes in curly/wavy hair and structured geometric shapes.

Sal’s Cuts are $96

“I am guided by an individual’s desire for form and necessity for style… This industry has given me the gift of releasing my creativity, sharing it through education and helping others by creating their desired look.”

Fun Fact: Outside the salon, Sal spreads his creativity through Guerrilla Gardening: surreptitiously cultivating unused land into flower and vegetable gardens.

Client Love

They got me in same day which was fortunate. The staff was friendly and the stylist gave me a great cut. I have challenging hair to style because it's so thick but he nailed it. I saw Sal. I would definitely recommend it. A bonus was the nice double shampoo both before and after the cut with a nice scalp massage. I recommend the salon and from my experience Sal was great!!
Oliver P.
on 10/29/2017
“Sal is awesome. The staff is great and I highly recommend Jet Rhys. I've been a client for over 10 years and have always had a great experience.”
Greg A.
on 10/20/2017
I always look forward to the hour I spend in Sal's chair every couple of months. He's a perfectionist and it shows - I NEVER have bad hair days!
Lisa W.
on 06/17/2017
Trisha is a color wizard - drab dishwasher blonde hair becomes beautiful sun kissed blonde with depth and contrast. Sal can make fine straight hair look full and polished with a perfect bob. Jet Rhys is the best!
Bobbie O.
on 01/28/2017
This place gets more magical by the minute! I went in today for a trim by Hair Magician Sal, as we were finishing my "laser cut" bob, it truly looked like a laser cut it... and I have curly hair.. ok back to the story, a very fascinating lady came by, introduced herself and we started talking about color, fun color! I just finished mentioning to Sal how I wanted to do something fun eventually, little did I know that "eventually" was now... well ... drum roll please... This fascinating person I just met was the Wizard herself, JET!! As soon as my brain caught up, I was in awww, we talked color, we had ... let me rephrase this, she had this amazing fun vision on how to add some rock and roll to my hair, and amp up the sassy in my life! And oh boy sassy I feel! Sal, your haircuts are simply divine, through the years we definitely had some fun, long, short, shaved, faux Mohawks , and today we put the cherry on top, with a color that does this haircut some serious justice! Jet, meeting you was an experience on its own, your energy is infectious! What an honor! Thank you to Sara, Amanda and Trisha for helping in the process. You guys made me feel AMAZING Thank you Team Jet Rhys!
Annalisa J.
on 11/21/2016
I love to go to my hair appointment with Sal. He is such a talent hair Artist. He knows how to read my mind and new ideas and translate them into my fantastic hair cuts... I trust him 100% a I got tons of compliments left and right. But I can not mention about the Salon ... great environment clean and edgy always up to the new strands in the hair and fashion world !!! Love it
Francesca B.
on 11/10/2016
A co-worker and I decided to treat ourselves to a cut and color at Jet Rhys - we'd both heard that it's just about the best salon in SD from other stylists so we were pretty excited. I booked with a 'Senior Stylist' for my cut and was given an appointment with Sal. My color was being handled by Trisha. I liked the salon immediately: not too pretentious or precious, spacious, comfortable, plenty of parking, coffee place nearby. Trisha took me in hand and we discussed color with her - she made some suggestions and brought in Sal for his opinion. She was very upbeat and friendly, and definitely knows her stuff! She did an amazing job on my color and highlights which create such beautiful depth in my hair. I am amazed every time I look at the color - totally natural looking yet so complex! AND she tinted my eyebrows! Love it! Then I went to Sal for my cut. We had discussed possibilities a bit before my color so he had an idea, but also left it largely to him to look at my hair and how it lies to determine what would work best. My hair is fairly short to begin with, and I wasn't 'married' to any one style or idea, so I was willing to entertain almost any suggestion. OH. MY. GOD! I nearly cried tears of happy when Sal was done with my cut! I have never in my life had such a great cut - one that I can literally wash and wear but that looks like I spent time styling it. I was going on a trip abroad the next week, and you can't believe the number of compliments I received everywhere I went. I went through rain and windstorms and my hair STILL looked fabulous! Between the cut and the color, I feel so much more confident and assured - it may sound a little silly to say so, but that's the truth! I really recommend this salon, and especially these two consummate professionals, Trisha and Sal - every penny I paid for my services was completely, absolutely worth it and I am HOOKED! In a good way 😀
Joan G.
on 10/25/2016
OMG ask for Sal I'm Persian and my hair needed help. Amazing service I love my hair now, I had haircut phobia and the second I walked in and sat in Sal's chair I was so excited. Highly recommend going here, I will for sure go again.
Shayda N.
on 02/13/2016
Super late on reviewing but came here for the first time and saw Sal. He is super friendly and an amazing stylist. I went in to get 12 inches chopped off to donate. He made me look fabulous in my new pixie cut. I get so many compliments and I love my new haircut. So easy!
A C.
on 11/20/2015
We come to this area twice a year and so I was looking for a stylist and found Sal @ Jet Rhys. i came with my picture of the haircut I wanted. He studied it and looked at my hair, asking me a few questions. He proceeded to give me one of the best, if not the best, haircut that I have ever had. I have been living with this cut for about a week and it is so manageable. All I have to do is shampoo it, dry it and add a little product. Thank you, Sal.
Jan D.
on 10/17/2014
Love Sal, I was really nervous about having someone new cut my hair, but he didn't let me down. People always say how nice my hair & layers look. He's very nice & patient.
Jennifer H.
on 10/18/2013
I moved to San Clemente about a year and a half ago from the East coast. I'm used to going to upscale salons because I wear my hair extremely short, which requires someone who has the skill necessary to still create a trendy cut that fits my face. All of the stylists at Jet Rhys are very talented. Sal is my personal favorite. Not only is he consistently awesome at what we now call my "trademark" haircut, but he is simply a beautiful person. I travel almost an hour for my monthly appointments and wouldn't go anywhere else. As for my color, Tricia is an artist and has been the only stylist in years to mix up a shade of dark brown that totally complements my skin tone as well as my cut. An appointment with Tricia is like hanging out with my best friend in addition to leaving the salon feeling great about myself!
Karen C.
on 07/31/2012