Melissa Roche

Senior Stylist

Credentials: Attended Bumble & bumble U razor cutting, Toni & Guy advanced cutting course and Creative class with Stacy Broughton – industry icon. Trained under Rhys, mentored by Christina Stacy and worked as an Independent Educator for color brand Kadus. Styling and product knowledge with Aveda, Wella, Sebastian, Bumble & bumble and Davines. Styling workshops and avant garde styling with Wella top artist Omar Antonio, Marylle Koken and Michael m Haase. Extensive training in salon trends and social media branding.

Melissa’s Cuts are $79

What I love most about this industry is the interaction I am able to have everyday with clients and stylists. Everyday is something new!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE curly, wavy hair. Hair that has natural movement, I can’t get enough.

I love texturizing, but Precision haircutting has my heart. And the tool you’ll never see me without is my “Beuy Pro 107” comb.

Honestly, every haircut to me is a transformation. I always try to bring an element of something new and exciting, even on the tiniest of cuts.

I love Jet Rhys clients because they like to have fun and care about quality.

The most important part of the service is the consultation, because it sets the stage for the performance, and we all need to be on the same page.

Is there a difference between a new client and a client I’ve seen 2+ years?
I’d say No, there isn’t a difference. Every appointment is a new interaction, whether I’ve seen that client a million times before.

Fun Facts: I love anything French and I have 2 cats named Mustard and Mayonnaise 😉

Client Love

( 9 Reviews )
Oh my gosh! This salon is amazing Hands down! First I want to say to the manager thank you for everything! You are the coolest and sweetest and amazing! So professional and just awesome thank you for giving me the best experience of my life in all the years of going to salons over so many years this is the best salon! I see why it is the best. Truly thankful I met you. Thank you for making me Feel special after the stress of having to find a new salon after moving to San Diego it was a lot of stress. You are awesome and the best manager so professional and wonderful. To my colorist; Trisha, seriously the best colorist I have worked with!! I have gone to what it seems so many stylists even In Los Angeles where I used to live who never could do my color right but you are the best! Iv worked with so many people and I love Trisha! To my hair cut stylist: Melissa seriously you are the best! I have had horrible experiences from past stylists who messed my hair up and also stylists who messed my color up but Melissa is amazing! I was terrified trusting anyone with my hair but because of Melissa and Trisha I have no worries or fears! Thank you Truly to everyone I want to tell all my Friends to come here! Thank you everyone for being so kind and that goes to the other stylists in the salon everyone is talented and so awesome and everyone is so polite and welcoming and it is such a cool salon really beautiful also. Thank you so much! So thankful I have new stylists! Everyone rocks.
Alexis R.
on 09/27/2018
I came in the other day with my boyfriend.. he was getting a haircut from Melissa and i was a color model for Jaclyn. I typically NEVER color my hair, as the last time i did i bleached my whole head and the person that did it butchered it and scared me from coloring again, but with Jaclyn she did an amazing job- i told her i was a little nervous from past experiences and that i didn't want to much of a drastic change and that's exactly what i got and it looked amazing! as for my boyfriend, he had extremely curly hair that was out of control and Melissa helped him choose a haircut that he was comfortable with and still managed to maintain a few curls! great job from both Jaclyn and Melissa, i would definitely come back again 🙂
Brielle S.
on 07/14/2018
This is my second time at Jet Rhys Hair Salon and the experience was just as amazing as my first. The first time I went, I colored my hair for the first time EVER. Jaclyn was amazing and walked me through what she was doing, made sure the color was exactly what I wanted (a deep brown) and very knowledgeable. This time, I got my roots touched up by Jaclyn and added some thick chunks of color throughout (following her recommendation). It came out wonderful! I also received a haircut by Melissa, who was equally amazing. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Melissa cut my hair exactly how I had envisioned, because she listened to me and what I wanted! I highly recommend Jet Rhys Hair Salon! They are clean, very stylish and all of the staff are incredibly sweet and friendly. The products they use are top-of-the-line and all smell AMAZING! You will leave feeling like a rockstar!
Jane L.
on 07/11/2018
Melissa has been cutting my hair for 10+yrs. She always gives the perfect cut that suits my style and hair texture. She encourages me to push the boundaries and I've always loved her creative results. The best part is the haircuts look great initially and hold up as the hair grows out, which is important since I only get my hair cut a few times a year. The salon is also the full package for a reasonable price.
Crystal P.
on 06/20/2018
Melissa is so talented!! I came to Melissa with thin and long hair, I knew I had some waves but could never really get it to look right. Melissa really understands texture and movement, she was able to keep some length and give me beautiful waves. She really is an artist!! I am not really a product person but she offered me just one light weight spray and it makes all the difference. I am so happy with my cut and I have total trust in Melissa and her skills. I have recommended her to friends and all are very pleased with their new stylist, Melissa! If you are looking for something simple, something different or just a tiny upgrade on a cut you already love, she is the one!!
Lora K.
on 06/19/2018
Melissa is a phenomenal hairdresser. I have curly hair and it has been very difficult to find someone who understands how to cut this type of hair, until I found Melissa! She has been cutting my unruly curly hair in such a way that even when I style myself at home it looks fantastic EVERYDAY!! She took my lifestyle into consideration which is quite important for me. She made perfect product recommendations for my hair, products that actually do exactly what I need them to do. If you are looking for a great new hair cut I would absolutely recommend making an appointment with Melissa!
Stephanie F.
on 06/19/2018
Melissa is awesome!!! I have been a loyal customer for 10 years, she takes great pride in her work. I have tons of hair and I'm pretty picky but she gets it just right every time and I always leave happy. Invariable people ask me where I get my haircut and I can refer with confidence they will be happy too.
Barbara O.
on 06/19/2018
Melissa is amazing. I've Been going to her for the last 11 years. First time I walked into Jet Rhys with straight long hair, I left with a short stylish haircut. I asked her to give me a haircut that she thought would suit me best and told her I was ready for a change. I've been trusting her ever since! Melissa is up-to-date with the latest styles. She also attends seminars to keep her skills up-to-date. She Knows what suits my personality and what will work with my hair. Thanks Melissa for all the years of great haircuts. Matter of fact I need a haircut soon!
Lynda H.
on 06/17/2018
Melissa is so good at cutting hair that I received numerous compliments from total strangers about " how cute my hair looks" or " that cut really fits you.
Sabine S.
on 06/17/2018