Mallory Wehrung

Senior Stylist + Education Director

Following her education at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego, Mallory joined the team at Jet Rhys Hair Salon, where she’s excelled ever since. In Spring 2013, Mallory was featured by InStyle Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Stylists Under $100”. She’s achieved certification in Network Education and Styling at Bumble and bumble, as well as trained in classic and razor cutting at Arrojo in New York City. As a stylist, Mallory thrives on a challenge. She adores cutting and styling wavy-curly hair: “I love how the curls speak for themselves and allow me to work with them instead of against.” She also loves encouraging clients to opt for a soft, swingy fringe she mastered during her NYC training. She’s inspired by teaching the salon’s junior stylists, which gives her a chance to observe skills she’s mastered through fresh perspectives. Other specialties include Yuko permanent straightening, keratin smoothing and weddings/special events.

Mallory’s Cuts are $96

“This industry makes me so happy because we have the best job in the world! We make people look and feel great, while having fun. It’s always new and exciting.”

Fun Fact: Mallory has a thirst for adventure – she got her first motorcycle at age 6 and once broke her right arm in half rollerblading.

Client Love

Why should a guy go to a hair salon for a haircut? Good question, right? We're usually loyal to one Barber or Stylist we have found; and we like the way they cut/style our hair. I don't go for a hair cut/style because a place has a pool table; I go because I know that when I leave I will have the style and cut that I want. It's an evolving thing. One time of year I like my hair longer, so my stylist/cutter (Mallory) and I figure out a style and a plan. Another time of year I'll want to have my hair shorter but with some length on top. This is where a skilled creative stylist partner (like Mallory) can really show you the way. And it is enlightening to get an understanding of how your hair works and what it can do. For me, having a place like Jet Rhys is vital for cool good handsome look. And you've got choices. All their stylists/cutters are highly skilled. All you've got to do is drop by, in person, or on line, and find the one that is the perfect fit for you. I'm convinced that after observing the various clientele interactions with the color artists, the shampoo/massagers, the stylists et al, Jet Rhys has a well kept secret; and it's simple too. They love what they do, they have fun doing it, their clients have a good time and they are successful: BIG TIME. I wish I had discovered them long ago. I'm there about 3 years now. Wouldn't dream of going to any other place. Way to go Jet Rhys! Thank you!
Joe D.
on 02/09/2018
Customer service is one ot two top unfailing values at this salon; that and hiring and then further training incredibly talented staff.  I've been going to this salon since the year 2000, and it has never disappointed.  I feel like family!
Edith S.
on 02/04/2018
Jet Rhys Hair Salon in Solana Beach: once having set foot into their salon, you'll know that you're where you want to be. The atmosphere is soothing and yet alive with energy. You're there to get pampered. They are there to take care of you and bring you to the next level; to look and feel your best. The staff is professional in every way. Shampoo? Yes, but you'll also get a relaxing head massage! Hair? Jet Rhys has hand picked stylist that are all expertly educated in the art of making you look your best. They know hair. Mallory Wehrung is their Senior Stylist and Education Director. Check out her background, it's impressive! Mallory has that edge of creativity, coupled with the knowledge of how to read how your hair works. From there she can deliver what you really want: to look your best! And she is exceptional. (Jet and Rhys scores big here) Both Jet and Rhys know how to run a hair salon. You'll know what I mean when you're there! And, by the way, you're most welcome =^) this place is truly a real find!!!
Joe D.
on 11/22/2017
This is so long overdue but I LOVE Jet Rhys and would love to give them 100 *'s! Rhys has cut my hair for years and he is simply amazing and never falls short of 200%, always perfection and ever so many compliments from strangers and friends, alike. I recently had an opportunity to see Mallory and I am sincerely overjoyed with her cut and style. She really lifted me out of the doldrums and I feel so "with it" and love the repeated compliments that I hear.....such a confidence booster! I went all out and had Sam do Ombre highlights and this is the icing on the cake! I always enjoy visiting this salon and everyone is so kind and welcoming and beyond cool! We are blessed that Rhys opened in Solana Beach, a dream come true.
Muriel M.
on 07/28/2017
I love the salon every time I walk in. Sarah (color) and Mallory (cut) are the absolute BEST! I always leave loving my hair and feeling so much better about myself. Everyone is so kind and professional, and Shar and the front desk team are always so on top of everything. So thankful to have my hair appointments at Jet Rhys to look forward to!
Caroline S.
on 04/05/2017
I've been a patron for years, and every time I enter, I always leave feeling better than when I came in, even if I'm already in a great mood. This salon just brings happiness with their caring and encouraging conversation, aside from their terrific smiles and attitudes! Oh and of course Mallory is the best! Quinn is too! So is Trisha!
Philip K.
on 11/15/2016
Love, love, love Trisha and Mallory! I've been a Jet Rhys client for about 6 years and always have a fantastic experience! My hair always looks fabulous thanks to Trisha and Mallory!!
Cate S.
on 10/19/2016
I've been going to Jet Rhys for almost 6 years now and I continue to be in love with this place. Today's review though is specifically for Mallory, my new stylist. She has given me some of the most beautiful, practical, easy haircuts I've ever had. I have a tremendous amount of hair, which makes styling a royal pain in the ass, not to mention very limiting when picking a cut. I told her this and she made 2 suggestions that would allow me to have the haircut I wanted, and without having to do anything other than wash-n-go. She has already given me 6-8 great cuts, but this last one is my favorite 🙂 She's incredibly talented! Thank you Mallory!
Carolina M.
on 02/16/2016
Based solely on reviews and the desire to change my look I went to Jet Rhys in Solana Beach. Mallory is a pro at cutting long, thick,curly hair. My new cut & color "by Samantha" is amazing.
Ellen A.
on 02/08/2015
I love JetRhys Hair Salon.. I just recently had a "Keratin Smoothing treatment" with Mallory... AWESOME results.. Mallory is an amazing stylist...Very knowledgeable, knows how to take care of her clients and up to date on the newest styles/products!! #lovemystylist Quinn- AMAZING as well.. knows exactly what will look good... always there to cover my dreadful greys... and very knowledgeable! #lovemycolorist If you haven't been... you must go to JetRhys Salon.. super fantastic professional stylist and colorist!! I've had my share of salons.. but I have to say this one is the BEST by far!!!!
Adela L.
on 01/13/2015
I've been a client of Jet Rhys for 15 years. I can't say enough great things about the team - Mallory, Quinn, Trisha, Mai... They care about what they do, they take interest in their clients and are always at the forefront of style and fashion. You can't go wrong at Jet Rhys.
Zoe M.
on 09/22/2014
I cannot say enough about Trisha and Mallory. Even though I live in NYC now, I still come to Jet Rhys to get may hair done. After ten years at this place, I just couldn't stand the thought of someone else doing my hair. Compliments are not given freely in Manhattan, but I get at least three compliments a day on my hair- no joke. If you are looking for a signature style, go to Trisha for a transformative new color and Mallory for an on-trend cut.
Jaimie A.
on 07/11/2014