Logan Morris

Front Desk Concierge

I chose to work with this salon in particular because of the beautiful atmosphere and kind staff. Everyone here has been so sweet from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave Jet Rhys. What I love most about my position is meeting unique people and learning so many things about the industry from our lovely hair stylists. Being the first person someone sees when they enter the salon, it is important for me to make every client’s experience enjoyable when they first enter Jet Rhys.

I strive to make every moment as comfortable as possible before someone sees a stylist. It’s always important to make the best impression possible! Making someone’s day is apart of the Jet Rhys image.

This industry is truly amazing in how creative someone can be with their style choice. I personally love vibrant colors and bleached hair. Always a happy surprise for me when someone leaves the salon with something unique.

Fun facts: I used to live in Sasebo, Japan as a child and regularly visit the country! One of my favorite hobbies is hiking and doing photography in other countries, Korea and Japan being favorites.