Jessie Wofford

Assistant Colorist

Studied at the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology

I found out about Jet Rhys through my school program and I instantly fell in love because it was PINK lol but not only that the salon seemed like a bit of me, very classy, updated and elegant.

As a color assistant I love that we get to learn firsthand from the current stylists and the fact that we can all work together and feed off of one another.

The three most important things would have to be customer service, happy and positive work environment and lastly continuing my education.

As a hairstylist in the industry I love that I get to make people feel and look pretty and that they take a little piece of me wherever they go. I also just really love doing color and seeing what I’m able to create and have created.

Fun facts: I love to model for friends and taking pictures. I was born with six fingers, one detached on each hand lol.