Jessica Crooks

Assistant Colorist

Studied at Oceanside College of Beauty

Ive lived in the San Diego area my whole life and Jet Rhys has had an outstanding reputation here throughout the years. After being absent from the industry for a few years I decided to renew my license and give it another go. That same day, I noticed Jet Rhys was looking for an assistant. I knew I had to jump on the opportunity and now here I am! Im beyond excited to be apart of this team and I look forward to the beginning of a successful career.    

Ive signed on to be a colorist assistant. I look forward to the challenges ahead of me knowing that I have a team of skilled colorists guiding me to my best potential while learning the true science behind coloring. 

Customer service; having a certain way with people that immediately draws them to you. After all, I will be physically touching each client. Its important that I make them feel comfortable from the beginning and have them know that I’m not here to judge them for any prior hair decisions. Im only here to help! Appearance; It is important that I myself maintain a desirable appearance since I am here to enhance yours. Reliable; it is just as important to me that I am not only reliable to my clients but also to my co-workers.  

I think what I enjoy most about this industry is the friendships you make along the way. I may have a complete stranger sit in my chair and by the end of it we are laughing and hugging goodbye and planning happy hours together. 

I also just really like being around like minded people. We all walk into the salon every day with the same goal and its refreshing to be around that sort of motivation. 

Fun facts: I am CPR certified; don’t hold me to it in the time of an actual emergency and my best friend and I have matching pizza tattoos.